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Ecclesiastes 3: 7 and Principle of Reaction

“A time to keep silence, and a time to speak ” Ecclesiastes 3: 7. It’s the principle of reaction. How do we react to events: Do we remain silent or act?

The Principle of Reaction from Ecclesiastes 3: 7.

How do we react to events: Do we remain silent or act? All in all, acting or not acting is also acting. Just as choosing or not choosing is also making a choice. The expression ” to keep silence ” means the idea then of knowing how to hold one’s tongue. There is a period in human life where he must not pronounce on certain facts; where he must be silent about things; where he must undertake or manage a business or situation in silence, in secret far from human eyes. It is also a time of secrecy.

There Are Things to Hide and Reveal in Time.

We can also learn from Ecclesiastes 3: 7 that there are things to hide and reveal in time. Indeed, a man must know how to keep a secret or silent. Not everything is good to say, often. There are situations where the best way to respond is silence – just as it can be expected in silence, for example, the intervention of God. The Bible advises us, ” It is good to wait in silence for the help of the Lord ” (Lamentations 3:26).

In the time of silence, we must involve the case of patience. Yes, it is good to be patient in life, especially as precipitation hurts the impatient.

I open a parenthesis, another angle: To you who reads this article, maybe you go through a situation, you cried to God, and until then, it seems to you that nothing changes or that God does not answer you. Yes, I am speaking to you. I would like you to know: God’s silence about us in a situation is also an answer from God. And it is in this sense that he is asked to avoid murmuring.

Let’s go back to our subject. It is in our interest to know when, how, where to keep silent: this is why we must do it by reassuring ourselves that it is in the will of God, in his own way, and according to his time.

The Expression ” Speak “Ecclesiastes 3 7

The expression ” speak “ refers to the fact of pronouncing on a situation or acting, or perhaps it is a replica formulated. It can be verbal or gestural … Often we have to say what we have to say; we must react, we must decide. But especially according to the time, the way, and the will of God. Because it is good to speak, but there is a way to react, and it must be done at the right time and especially according to the will of God. This principle of reaction refers to self-control in everything and at all times. This is an attitude that one must know how to apply to each situation or event of one’s life.

Let us note that ” to speak ” or ” to keep silence ” are both replicas, modes of reaction facing a given situation. Between the period when we must react or not, we must avoid murmuring.

Let’s read the following passages: Matthew 12: 37-38  /  Isaiah 30:15  /  Exodus 14:14. / Psalms 37: 7. /  Philippians 2:14  /  1 Peter 4: 9. /  1 Jude 1: 16.  /   1 Corinthians 10: 10  / Proverbs 12:18. /  Proverbs 17:20. /  Proverbs 21:23.  /  Proverbs 28:23. /  Proverbs 30: 32-33.

This is the word from Ecclesiastes 3: 7. Thank you for continuing to read the next article by clicking on this link: (12) – The principle of feelings.

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