This is the principle of ” trial and observation of the test.”  The Principle of Essay and Observation. In the life of a man, sometimes he has to try everything, to put his hand everywhere to see where there is a good answer. This is the moment of ” trying ”. That’s when we tend to say, ” You never know! ” – ” You have to touch everything that the hand can do ” – ” Who knows where the smile will come from? ”

“A time to throw stones and a time to pick them up. “(Ecclesiastes 3: 5) The Principle of Essay and Observation

The Principle of Essay and Observation

It’s a time when we feel the need to do something, but we do not know what exactly, so we do some testing. This is the meaning of the expression “try or essay “.
For example, for those looking for work, practice applying for jobs in various locations. For those who want to start a business or business, not knowing where to start and where to invest directly, they try to touch everything. This is what we call the time of ” throwing stones.”
However, one must pass this moment wisely in seeking the will of God. We must take into account his abilities, his skills, our strengths.

When We Are Waiting for the Return of Our Actions

The expression “observation of the test” or ” observation of the attempt ” indicates the fact that we are waiting for the return of our actions, our requests, our initiatives.
In this case, the case of someone who is looking for a job, he is waiting for a follow-up he wants. So he stays tuned. On the other hand, about the person who starts a business with a test, he observes the first results of his attempt to evaluate them to know if he is favorable or not to engage or not.
Regarding, ” this principle of the essay and observation ” we are called not to do this without the will of God, we must consult it so that they can guide us. Because if we throw stones at the right moment, it is sure that we will pick them up at the right moment of course. Nothing must happen at random.

We Must Be Guided by God

That is why it is at the phase of the attempt or the phase of the observation of the test: we must be guided by God so that his manner, his time and his will can be accomplished in our favor in the practice of this principle.
This principle of the essay, the attempt, and observation remind us that we must not sit idly by. It challenges us to leave idleness, to look for opportunities while remaining optimistic, realistic and pragmatic. Always work or do some things in life. Flee laziness. If possible, think about entrepreneurship. This is the phase where you have to think about making your way starting with attempts. No one knows what life has in store for us.

The Bible Never Encouraged Laziness or Idleness

The Bible never encouraged laziness or idleness. Let us listen to this biblical passage: ” Go to the ant, lazy; Consider his ways, and become wise. She has neither leader, nor inspector, nor master; she prepares her food in the summer, She raises food during the harvest. Lazy, how long will you be sleeping? When will you rise from your sleep? A little sleep, a little drowsiness, a few hands crossed to sleep! … And poverty will surprise you, like a ranger, And famine, like a man in arms. ”  Proverbs 6: 6-11.
Certainly, the Bible encourages us to work or to try to do something in our life. However, it does not want it to be against biblical restrictions (unhealthy, fraudulent, illicit activities …).

We Do Not Know the Future

This principle reminds us that we do not know the future. However, we can do things to make sense of our future by keeping in mind that every act is a seed and that every seed allows a harvest. Remember this: your future is now. Live your present.
Between the time of the test and the time of observation, there is wisdom, patience, and discernment that come into play.

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