In this article, you can read my commentary on Ecclesiastes 3 6. This is the principle of conservation and storage.  “… a time to keep, and a time to cast away.” – Ecclesiastes 3: 6. This principle applies to our assets, our goods, our habits, and our ideologies, etc.; either we keep them or abandon them.

Commentary on Ecclesiastes 3 6

In the life of a man, there comes a time when it is good to keep his good habits, his assets, his goods, and his healthy ideologies. It is the period of the preservation of ” conviction and self-confidence ”. This is where we seek to go further, to want to impose our convictions on others, which is not too advisable elsewhere.

When this moment comes, we must subject our gains, our habits, our goods, and our ideologies to the influence of the Holy Spirit to avoid making mistakes. It is, therefore, necessary that our convictions develop according to the will, the time, and the manner of God, for we risk during this period falling into overconfidence, into the contemplation of our self, thus dethroning God from our heart and our spirit, just like walking according to human flesh, appearance, worldly thought, and vanity.

Get Rid of It

In life, One must also expect to get rid of it. But of what? Erroneous ideas, deceitful paths, unhealthy convictions, gains that are detrimental to our well-being, and habits contrary to divine principles. This is the meaning of the “ ridding of time.” When we feel or realize that we have habits, ideologies, achievements, companies, connections, or relationships that do not bring us closer to the ideal [of a harmonious life and in our relationship with God]: the only one to do that is to get rid of it. And to get rid of it, you have to take into account the will, the help, the way, and the time of God. Because do not forget human weakness. God gives everyone time and an opportunity so that we get rid of everything that can harm us in any area of our lives and even in relation to certain relationships that we have.

Ecclesiastes 3 6 and Human Imperfection

Because of human imperfection, it is dangerous to take the man for support or oneself for support. This is the trap in which Satan strives to lead man when it comes to the moment of conviction, of knowing how to preserve. Never lose sight of the fact that man is subject to error. Opt for sobriety, discernment, and humility in everything.

Often it happens that we get rid of it or neglect very bad things that eventually catch us sooner or later and cause us more sharp trouble. It’s easier to focus on one thing, but it’s even harder to ignore or get rid of it.

Everything Is Allowed, but Not All Is UsefulCommentary on Ecclesiastes 3: 6

Let’s also know that everything is allowed. Still, not all is useful, just as it is advantageous to attach or preserve certain acquired habits, habits, ideologies, and relationships [to those who bring us closer to God and give us a way of life glorifying God]. So too, is knowing how to abandon or get rid of certain gains, habits, and ideologies [those that harm our salvation and a peaceful life with God].

This is all in this article what you can read about my commentary on Ecclesiastes 3 6

And again, you have to know when to do it … Let’s read the following scriptures: Jeremiah 17: 5-10  /  Matthew 18: 8-9  /  Genesis 35: 2, 4  /  Joshua 24: 23 /
1 Samuel 7 : 3  /  Jeremiah 3: 13 – 15, 22  /  Revelation 18: 4 / 2 Corinthians 6: 14-18  /  1 Corinthians 10: 14  /  Joel 2: 12  /  Zechariah 1: 3  /  Malachi 3: 7 /  Ezekiel 14: 6  /  Ezekiel 18: 20  /  Ezekiel 33: 11, 20  /  Hosea 14: 2  /  Romans 4: 20-21  / Psalm 86: 11  /  Psalm 119: 1  /  Proverbs 2: 20  /  Proverbs 4: 14  /  Proverbs 9: 6  /  Proverbs 14: 2  /  Ecclesiastes 12: 1 or Ecclesiastes 11: 9.

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