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The Power of Clarity and Consistency

In short. The power of clarity and consistency is that the mind becomes more active, creative, and anticipatory where there is clarity and consistency.

In recent years, I have met a lot of people who had great ideas, great plans, serious goals, but they didn’t come to fruition. I felt they had so much motivation, so much willpower; they were sincere; they yearned to really add something new to their lives… But in the practical phase, they failed: sometimes their goals did not come true, despite so many combined efforts; sometimes the projects failed to take shape; or again, the ideas were struggling to fall into place.

This situation prompted me to seriously consider this conundrum. I have started consultation sessions with some of them. As I tried to resolve the difficulty, my conception, my perception, and my rage to understand the mechanism of the objectives kept growing. So I had to push the pawn very far, going from reflections to reflections, from research to research, until I discovered the power of clarity and belief in achieving goals.

This was a starting point in my understanding of the mechanism of goal setting and planning. Today, I look forward to sharing this powerful revelation with you. I had the time to teach it, to experience it and today, it is with certainty that I share with you the fruit of my work in Mentalotherapy, in connection with the objectives in the life of the individual.

Clarity and Consistency Are Two Fundamental Criteria That Guarantee the Achievement of a Goal The power of clarity and consistency is that the mind becomes more active, creative, and anticipatory where there is clarity and consistency.

These two criteria change and boost a man’s life. We avoid wasting time, unnecessary efforts when we have clear and coherent objectives. These two criteria make it easier for us to put into action, to pursue the objective set.

Listen! The mind tends to conceive of a thing better when it is not fuzzy and inconsistent. In Mentalotherapy, we emphasize this: The better your mind conceives of your goal, the better it will react to its achievement. In light of this, the mind becomes more and more creative, active, and anticipatory where there is clarity and consistency in a goal or a task at hand. Moreover, creativity thrives, and potential rises where there is a spirit of constant innovation.

What should be understood by the notion of clarity and coherence in the achievement of objectives? Why are they said to have power in achieving goals? How this power is applied in achieving goals. In the following lines, we will answer them.

The Power of Clarity in Achieving Objectives

According to the dictionary, clarity has a synonym: light, glow. Here we give to the term “clarity”, by extension, on the one hand, the meaning of transparency, and on the other hand, anything that enlightens the mind.

Indeed, clarity in your objectives means the correct structuring and understanding of your objectives. Do you manage to better explain, identify and control the meaning and scope of the objective set? If so, then there is clarity in setting that goal.

The notion of clarity in objectives takes on its full meaning in the phase of setting your objectives. If you have goals :

– without head or tail;

– vague and ambiguous;

– who suffer from specificity, measurement evaluation;

– which are unrealistic;

– without delay, precision, etc.

Obviously, it will be difficult for you to achieve this goal. A goal that is clearly set is a half-achieved goal. A clearly defined goal implies that your mind sees it.

The Notion of Consistency in Achieving Objectives

According to the dictionary, consistency could refer to:

– Complete union between various elements of a body.

– Agreement or harmony, intuitive or logical, of a system of ideas between them.

Consistency, absence of contradiction between data, ideas, or information.

In other words, in our context, consistency in goals refers to the harmony that there is between the goals we set for ourselves.

Here are some questions to help you assess consistency when setting and planning your goals: Do they converge in the same direction? Do they match your values? Do they reflect with your realities and what you need? Do you know exactly what you want? Do your goals line up like pearls on a chain? Does the implementation plan meet your expectations? The negative to these questions indicate that there is an inconsistency in your goals. Where there is an inconsistency there is certainly confusion, division, dispersion…

It Should Be Noted That the Notion of Coherence in the Objectives Brings Back Both to the Phase of Fixing and Planning

On the one hand, a goal that does not form one with our values, our deep aspirations and needs, suffers from inconsistency. An inconsistency that is justified by the fact that the objective we set for ourselves does not match our internal reality. Most often, it’s the copy-pasted goals …

On the other hand, when the implementation plan does not meet the criteria, the requirements, the expectations of the objectives that we have set ourselves, we also speak of inconsistency. Because the planning of the goal is not perpendicular to the intended goal. In such a case, we are witnessing actions that do not really bring us closer to what we want to achieve …

The Power of Clarity and Consistency

The human mind tends to invest itself in achieving a goal marked by clarity and coherence.

Indeed, we always have the laziness to do a task that we do not understand. We turn around. We postpone until tomorrow. We always find excuses … The reason is simple, it is the lack of clarity and coherence which generates this disinterestedness. Because the mind does not know where to start, what direction to turn … Thus, it becomes lazy and unproductive.

The majority of our goals are therefore not achieved due to a lack of clarity and consistency in setting and planning. However, the formula for achieving a goal is defined as follows:

Achievement of an Objective = Solidity of Its Setting + Efficiency of Its Planning

This boils down to saying that achieving a goal probably depends on clarity and consistency when setting and planning the given goal.

So you understand the power of clarity and consistency in achieving goals. In truth, they simplify action; they fatten motivation; they encourage efforts; they bring freshness to our energies; they arm our minds with courage and determination; they promote the seizing of opportunities and possibilities to achieve the objective; they empower the mind to unfold and acquire ingenious ideas and solutions.

I hope you liked this text which is an excerpt from my powerful book of self-realization, that you have learned enough.

However, I wrote a book called: Mastering and Achieving Your Goals. It is a manual for setting and planning goals. A book of 12 chapters. It will teach you enough about the mechanism of setting and planning goals, namely the typology of goals, the mode of goals, the criteria of a solid goal, the stages of planning, and many other things on the achievement of objectives.

Are you interested in this powerful and wonderful work? Please write to me via mail:

To your self-realization,

Thomson Dablemond

Personal Development Coach

Author, Speaker, Mentalotherapist

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