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The Ninth Commandment of God Insist That We Tell the Truth

The Ninth Commandment of God is: ” You shall not say false witness against your neighbor. ” (Exodus 20:16).

The Ninth Commandment of God

Under the title of ” false testimony ” come all the wrong statements on any subject, any attempt, and any plan to deceive our neighbor. By a look, a movement of the hand, an expression of the face, one can lie as much as by words. Any intentional exaggeration, any insinuation intended to mislead or even misrepresent facts presented as misleading – is a lie.

A Violation of the Ninth Commandment

The ninth commandment of God prohibits all that tends to compromise the reputation of the neighbor by the alteration of the truth, by harmful suspicions, slander, or slander. The intentional suppression of the truth, which would harm someone, is itself a violation of the Ninth Commandment.

We often use the lie to:

– … avoid embarrassment …

– … do not shock someone’s feelings …

– save money…

– … have better grades…

 But this remains regardless of motives and reasons: a sin. A sin is a sin: there is no justification for sinning. Even a half-truth is a lie, so a sin. All that is not true is a lie. All that is lies is not true too. […]

Why Does the Ninth Commandment Insist That We Tell the Truth?

Let’s listen to the answers of the author LORON WADE.

1. The lie undermines the freedom and dignity of our victims. Because it is used to manipulate. By telling someone lies, we prevent them from choosing, making a good choice, forming an idea, and making a decision on the correct database. This means that we treat people with scorn, as objects to deceive for our selfish purposes.

2. The lie affects the personal freedom of the people who practice it because they are finally caught in the web of their own deception and manipulations … The people who tell the truth do not need to provide enough effort to avoid the pitfalls they themselves have posted. But liars are still digging deeper as they lie, trying to cover up the falsehoods they have said.

3. The lie destroys trust. It is sometimes possible to deceive others; but not always for a long time. Lack of confidence and suspicion grow exponentially when a lie is discovered. Liars naturally do not trust others. They tell themselves that they are like them.

4. The lie destroys the sense of personal worth. Even if, it is possible to deceive others. It is very difficult to deceive yourself. For example, I

could stop you from seeing the reality, but I hurt myself because I know I’m a hypocrite.

5. The lie destroys our relationship with God. This must be the last concern of the one who makes an effort to get out of trouble. But in the end, it’s the most devastating effect of everything. God hates lies (Proverbs 12:22). For God, himself is the Truth. There is no sin in him. He walks in the truth.

God Wants We to Love Truth

The lie is something that is hateful and disgusting. The Bible has always had a radical position regarding lies. For example, read 1 Timothy 1: 9, Revelation 21:27. In the ninth commandment, we discover that it is said, ” Thou shalt not lie,” it requires us to love the truth.

If we love the truth, we will seek it. It seems important for us to discover it. If we love the truth, we will give it value. It would be more precious to us than gold or silver (Job 28:15, Proverbs 16:16) even more than life itself. If we love the truth, it will transform our lives. The Bible clearly tells us that something is not really the truth unless it makes a difference in our way of living and in our behavior (Galatians 5: 7, Romans 2: 8). And finally, if we love the truth, we will be driven by the desire to share it. Once we have known the beauty of the truth and experienced its power (1 Peter 1:22), we will be excited to share it, and it will seem natural to do so. This is the idea that the ninth commandment of God wants us to aspire to the truth. Yes, the ninth commandment of God wants us to focus on the truth and especially that we practice it in all areas of our lives.

It is easier to succumb to the pitfalls, the tricks, the shenanigans of Satan when we loved to walk in falsehood. Many people will be deceived by all kinds of false signs and wonders, because they are not in the truth that saves (read 2 Thessalonians 2: 3, 9, 10). Satan is an engineer of lies: he knows how to make a lie for the truth. Satan has the art of deceiving, of lying to mislead man. Satan disguises himself as an “angel of light,” yet he is an “angel of darkness.” The lie connects us with Satan. While the truth makes us allied with God.

The Creator God Is a God of Truth

The ninth commandment of God highlights the character of God. Yes, God is a God of truth. The Lord walks in the truth. And the truth is light. Jesus declared that it was the mission of His life. He came as a witness of the truth (John 18:37). After his departure, he entrusted his disciples with the mission of being witnesses in his name to pursue the same task (Acts 1: 8).

We understand why, Jesus says, ” I am the way, the truth, and the life ” (John 14: 6). This explains why God is looking for people who value the truth to the point that they seek it and they discover it. And when they find the truth, they are willing to share it. All who are of God will know that God does not remain in the lie. God always keeps his promises. God does not give false hopes. The Lord never promises us what He cannot do. The Lord has never promised us a paradise that we will not see. The Lord is not a man to lie.

The ninth commandment of God requires us to be loyal, truthful, faithful in our words and deeds, and even in our thoughts. Yes, the ninth commandment of God proclaims integrity and justice. It takes a God who is all these qualities to make them into law: Yes! The Creator God is a God of truth.

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1 thought on “The Ninth Commandment of God Insist That We Tell the Truth”

  1. The 1st commandment identifies the one, who brought us from the house of 2 straits.
    The 2nd commandment prohibits bowing to images which mean what is in the skies, what is in the Earth and what is in the waters.
    The 3rd commandment prohibits misusing the name of Yahweh (Jehovah).
    The 4th commandment prohibits desecrating the Sabbath.
    The 5th commandment prohibits dishonoring one’s father and one’s mother.
    The 6th commandment prohibits murder.
    The 7th commandment prohibits adulterating.
    The 8th commandment prohibits kidnapping.
    The 9th commandment prohibits slander.
    The 10th commandment prohibits jealousy.

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