This mission is what we call “Evangelization.” How can we define the term “evangelization” or “the mission of the Christian”?

” Go, make disciples of all nations … and teach them to observe all that I have commanded you …” – Matthew 28: 19-20. This was Christ’s mission to every Christian. evangelization

The word “evangelization” determines the action of evangelizing. From the Latin “Evangelizare,” the verb “to evangelize” means to bring preaching, the book, to accept the evangelical doctrine. So, we understand:
To evangelize is to announce the good news of the Lord Jesus (Matthew 3: 1-2). To evangelize is to preach repentance (Mark 6: 12).
To evangelize is to share the biblical message; the biblical content is to appeal to the world to return to Jesus Christ, to give their life to Jesus, to conform to biblical principles. It is above all to call the whole world to the salvation offered by the Lord Jesus Christ – to inform him that we must be accountable for our actions and that this world will end, and so on. This is the mission of the Christian.

In a word, in a more practical sense: To evangelize is to win souls for Christ. This includes: – calling souls to Christ – caring for souls for Christ – and finally keeping souls in Christ.

Thus, the mission of the Christian is nothing but evangelization. And, this mission takes  two forms:

It can be collective (organized, managed by an activity of the Church) or individual (personal). That said, Evangelization concerns both the Church and the individual member. For, it is a mission entrusted to us by Christ to each of us and to his Church collectively.

However, in this article, the Author Thomson Dablemond invites you to follow the next lines in the framework of “personal or individual evangelization” or “the individual mission of the Christian.” It is in this orientation that we will index individually here. That is to say, we will approach the mission of the Christian on the individual level.

Evangelization: For an Intimate Relationship with Jesus Christ

In speaking of the mission of the Christian, every disciple of Christ, or every believer of Christianity, must first know that it is in his interest. Indeed, when we lead a life of evangelism, then we maintain our relationship with Jesus in excellent condition. Evangelization makes us partners, collaborators of God. Through evangelization, God works in us and with us. It is therefore evident that the Christian’s mission is in his interest.THE MISSION OF THE CHRISTIAN

The Christian needs weapons and methods to succeed in his evangelical mission. What are the weapons and methods for the success of the Christian’s mission?

The Mission of the Christian: Weapons to Succeed

As such, let us note that without a life of prayer and fasting, a life of constant meditation, a life of sanctification and consecration: it is difficult to win souls individually for Christ. The weapons we have for evangelization are prayer and fasting, biblical knowledge, proper conduct in society (fruit of a life worthy of repentance, consecration, and sanctification).

And to that, we take for support and guide the Holy Spirit to be good evangelists. To evangelize is to put oneself at the service of the work in the light of the proclamation of Evangelization. It is, therefore, a personal, individual affair before being collective (an affair of the Church).

(Read Matthew 9: 35-38  /  Matthew 28: 19-20  /  Matthew 5: 13-16  /  1 Corinthians 9: 16-19, 27 / 1 Timothy 4: 16).

The Mission of the Christian: The Methods to Succeed It

Indeed, we must announce the truth, the gospel, the good news – but yet we must know how to announce it. This refers to the techniques and methods of Christ, which we must adopt individually:

1 – Jesus mingled with the people as the One who wanted their good: (He opened the networks.)
2.- Jesus sympathized with people: (He formed bonds of connection.)
3.- Jesus worked for their needs: (This also forms links.)
4.- When he associated the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd elements, he won the trust of the people.
5.- “Then he would say to them, Follow me”: to become his disciples.

” [- from the EDS Adult Study Guide, from July-August-September 2016, THE ROLE OF THE CHURCH IN THE COMMUNITY, Lesson 6: Jesus mingles with the crowds, Sunday, July 31: The Method of Christ alone.]

To you who reads this blog, do you know the methods of Christ necessary for the success of the mission of the Christian? Let the Christians know that Jesus mingled with the crowds. In fact, Jesus did not reject anyone. Remember that Jesus went to men without the exception of people. Also, Jesus sympathized with people. He did not try to judge or condemn them. He put himself in their shoes. He accepted them as they are. Moreover, Jesus worked for the needs of men: he was listening to them, and when he had the opportunity he came to their aid. Then Jesus sought to win the trust of his listeners. By his conduct, his sympathy, his wisdom Jesus ended up winning the credibility and trust of people. Finally, it was easy for Jesus to tell them, “follow me.”

If Christians followed the example of Christ, many men would be won over to Christ. But alas, the fact of Paul leaps to our eyes: because of Christians, the name of God is blasphemed (Romans 2:24).

Indeed, in the exercise of the mission of the Christian, we need in practice, to highlight in the eyes of our neighbor the character, the image of God as revealed in the Bible. This is the purpose of the methods or techniques in the context of the mission of the Christian.

Even in the exercise of the mission of the Christian, it often happens that we observe awkwardnesses. The part of the confusing Christian’s mission is the part of the Christian in missionary activity. What is the Christian’s part in the gain of souls to Christ?

The Part of Christian in the Evangelization

Once the good news, or the Word of God, or the gospel is announced, it is necessary to devote oneself to prayer by entrusting this work to the Holy Spirit who has helped you to evangelize to touch the heart of your audience. For, it is the Holy Spirit who convinces and touches the heart so that our evangelization will have fruit.

That said, the Christian’s part in evangelism is to announce the news of the kingdom of heaven – to share the gospel of Christ. He who convinces or leads to repentance or conversion is the Holy Spirit.

The part of the Christian is not to judge or to condemn others. No. The true evangelist does not force others to come to Christ. The faithful missionary, after having finished delivering his message, watches over his own conduct and entrusts the rest to the Lord.

Different Stages in the Missionary Work

In missionary work, there are three essential stages. The first two are human. For the first human stage, it is “sowing” or “the seed.” It boils down to announcing the message.

The second is “watering.” This is precisely the stage of seed maintenance.

And the third stage is the divine one: It concerns the conversion of the individual. Only God can help a man come to him and even change his life if the individual really wants to give his life to Christ.

The Mission of the Christian: Tips to Succeed It

*** Arrange ourselves not to be an obstacle to the result of the work of God, especially in matters of evangelization.

*** Let us use patience, gentleness, wisdom, self-control, and intelligence during Evangelization.

*** Evangelization is a mission that requires daily activities, both preliminary and acting. Every day is a day of evangelization.

Conclusion The Mission of the Christian

The Mission of the Christian must be to win souls and not to lose them. The mission of the Christian must contribute not only to his salvation but also to the happiness of others. To evangelize is to save oneself by saving others. Evangelization is the work of the spirit. As much, it is essential for a man to work in life; in the same way, it is essential for the Christian to work for God: evangelization.Preacher

To the preachers, I address you: you have eloquent words, you have beautiful sermons, you have fame, you are loved by the people by your way of preaching. But know that the most effective and fruitful preaching is “evangelization or preaching through conduct.” The conduct of a preacher says more than his sermons. The more your surroundings see the image of Christ in you, the more they will be attracted to Christ. To succeed in his mission, the Christian needs perseverance, love, gentleness, patience, discernment, zeal, humility, and faith. In a word, all the Christian virtues come into play.

In reality, many read the Bible. Many have already heard of Jesus. What can bring them to God is then the image, the love, and the character of God that we reveal through the exercise of our missionary activity. What image of our Savior do we give to the world?

The time is to reflect on our conduct in society as Christian. The mission of the Christian concerns men as well as women, and even children.

May the God of our salvation make us ambassadors of Christ and dispensers of his grace for the glory of his name, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen!

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