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The Link Between Job Stress and Burnout

We are able to ask ourselves the following questions: What is the link between job stress and burnout? What is the difference between job stress and burnout?

According to the WHO, burnout or burnt worker syndrome has three elements: the feeling of exhaustion, mental detachment from work, and poorer performance at work.

In general, the disorder is a consequence of chronic stress at work and is characterized by a state of emotional exhaustion, a cynical or distant attitude towards work (depersonalization), and a feeling of ineffectiveness and not doing tasks correctly… Added to this is the loss of communication skills.

Burnout syndrome is thus included among the main mental health problems and in the antechamber of many psychological pathologies derived from poor control and the lack of primary prevention of this syndrome.

Difference Between Job Stress and BurnoutThere is a significant difference between job stress and burnout.

In addition to depression, stress also closely resembles burnout. It is difficult to know when stress ceases to be normal and when burnout occurs.

Overview of these two issues:

Stress => more stress => too much stress => a lot of stress => burnout

We can see that stress is ultimately the precursor to burnout. If stress builds up, after a while it leads to burnout. Therefore, burnout cannot be triggered without first having undergone a certain degree of stress, but on the contrary, stress can manifest itself perfectly without necessarily leading to burnout.

Stress is therefore not a disorder in itself, unlike burnout. You could even say that it is virtually impossible to have a stress-free life. On the contrary, burnout is undoubtedly a disorder.

Is Stress the Only Cause of Burnout?

Stress is not the only cause of burnout. Since burnout is fundamentally a disorder in itself, there are different factors that can contribute to the onset of burnout. Therefore, burnout is positioned as a broader and more serious variant of stress which, if not treated properly, can quickly lead to serious damage.

Job Stress and Burnout: Comparison of Symptoms

It is therefore essential to keep in mind that, unlike burnout, stress is not a disorder. This is why burnout will have more serious consequences and symptoms than stress. Here are the main characteristics of what we experience under stress and burnout:

The stress :

– We get too involved

– We suffer from emotions with more intensity

– Causes hyperactivity

– We have less energy

– May cause anxiety

– Physical consequences

– Increased risk of premature death

The Burnout :

– No or less involvement

– We experience a decrease in emotions

– Causes a feeling of abandonment

– Can lead to depression

– Emotional consequences

– Increased risk of losing prospects

Job Stress and Burnout: A Vicious Circle

Therefore, there is a significant difference between job stress and burnout. More importantly, these two problems will end up plunging the person into a vicious cycle. Stress builds up, things are not as easy as they used to be. After a while, you start to experience some concentration problems and/or memory impairment, which in turn will lead to even more stress. However, suffering from all these problems is not normal either. Symptoms of burnout begin to appear. Because you want to react to these symptoms, you are even more stressed. Therefore, like a snowball, it causes even more stress and, as a result, more symptoms of burnout.

Finally, it should be noted that stress is more felt because it has physical consequences, while burnout has emotional consequences.

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