Can we detect any messages of the COVID 19? We are able to consider that the Covid-19 leaves us a great message. A message to all people, to all languages…

The whole world is talking about it! Never before has the world felt threatened and attacked by such a tough epidemic like the Covid-19. The Covid-19 pandemic is a pandemic of an emerging infectious disease, SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus disease. It appeared on November 17, 2019, in the city of Wuhan, in central China, then spread around the world. While it raged in China, the rest of the world played on indifference. It was not until March 11, 2020, that the Covid-19 epidemic was declared a pandemic by the WHO. Myth or reality? Plot or not? False alert or not? Propaganda or not? Manipulation, or Truth? No matter what we may think of the Covid-19, its manifestation is much more real and makes the world tremble.

The Great Messages of the COVID 19

Can we detect any messages of the COVID 19? We are able to consider that the Covid-19 leaves us a great message. A message to all people, to all languages, to all tribes, to all continents, to all nations without exception. In short, this Covid-19 pandemic leaves strong messages for all of humanity!

The Fragility of the Human SpeciesThe Great Messages of the COVID 19

The Covid-19, striking a multitude of people, made man understand his fragility. How many people have fallen! How many people have been infected! How many people are not afraid of having Coronavirus! How many times has the coronavirus not caused panic, phobia in human beings! How many times has the coronavirus reminded men that death can surprise them at any time! How many times have men not been tested in all areas of their lives by this Covid-19 pandemic!

At the same time that we have a thought for all the victims of this pandemic, those who have succumbed to this disease, we realize that life is sacred. And that it’s more than a privilege to be alive! In this pandemic, how many times have men not grasped the value of life! With this pandemic, we have become fully aware that human life is hanging by a thread!

A Reminder of Scientific Limits

Who would have thought that the great powers themselves would also succumb in large numbers? Who would have thought that this pandemic would expose the inability of large hospitals to cope with such a pandemic? Who would have thought that this pandemic would surpass the skills of great researchers and doctors around the world?

Through this great pandemic, humanity has received such an important message of the Covid-19: the sciences are also limited. And we are able to understand despite hundreds of years of scientific research, science will never be perfect. And as many times as there would be such a striking pandemic, the limits of science will be exposed again.

Despite great scientific advances and their predilections, nothing could prevent the Covid-19 pandemic from bringing the whole world to its knees.

A Reminder of Equality Between Men

One of the biggest messages of the Covid-19 pandemic to humanity has been that of equality between humans. As proof, small as large, rich as poor, literate as illiterate, man as woman, in all human ranks, mortality from this pandemic has caused much attention. Without the exception of skin color, nationality, profession, age, the pandemic has spared no one.

Once again, the men were questioned on equality between men. Africans, Asians, Europeans, Americans, Australians, there are neither sub-men nor supermen. Beyond all the differences that can exist between men: we are all the same.

A World as Connected, One People

The Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated to men that they are one on this earth and that they are connected to each other and that the whole world is only one big village. The proof, of China, in less than a semester the whole terrestrial globe is in the grip of this pandemic. As fast as the wind, the Covid-19 epidemic quickly spread, and its damage spread.

For a long time, the borderlines between countries, the distances between continents, the differences of languages, civilizations, and cultures, as well as the history of each nation or people certainly ended up convincing men that they did not form one person. Suddenly, the men had lost that they were all in one and one in all. Each defended his interests, each sought to walk the other. But this pandemic sent a strong signal to men: a return to human values.

A Return to Solidarity

To cope better with this pandemic, men have understood that they must join forces. They understood the need to help each other and communicate to see how everyone at their level could bring their expertise to deal with this pandemic.

Finally, it seems that the men have understood that the struggle must be collective. This hides a great revelation: each people has its say. In each people, there is potential to exploit. No country should play the master of the world. All that is human must be the concern of all human beings without despising a race or people.

This is why all over the world, each nation was trying to share its expertise and be the “savior” of humanity by proposing a remedy. Here is what this pandemic has shown to men not to underestimate each other, but rather in a spirit of mutual aid to put themselves on an equal footing.

Personal Values That Save Lives

In this Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is called upon to show maturity, discipline, responsibility, and partly optimism to give themselves a better chance of survival. We all know that we will all die of something. However, irresponsibility, immaturity, indiscipline, carelessness, indifference, and pessimism have given more wings to this Covid-19 pandemic.

Systems Shaken

Another great message from the Covid-19 that we must bear in mind: that no system, as sophisticated or solid as it is, is unshakable and eternal. We have as proof, closed schools, companies forced to suspend their activities; public places forced to refuse people; and government programs that had no choice but to revise their roadmap.

Once again, we understand that no one can foresee the future no matter what organization and whatever planning can be deployed. The sanitary, industrial, political world: nothing has escaped bending on the knees. We saw the stress of great leaders, the weakness of big companies.

Life and Its Surprises

We understood very well that life is made up of surprises and unexpected events. Life can change speed, circumstances, realities, etc. anytime. And we have taken note of how a single event can change a lot of things in life: With this Covid-19 pandemic, changed lifestyles, rehabilitated activities, reconsidered human relationships…

And we are all certain and aware of one thing: With, during, and after this Covid-19 pandemic, life will never be the same. The world will take another face. Men will see and perceive the world differently. The way of life will change to such an extent that it feels like another world. Since this take will have two fundamental consequences: for some, it will pull them down, while for others, it will pull them up …

Useful Questions

So it’s rightly so that we are already looking into the future of this world. What will become of men after this pandemic? What are the big changes we can witness? What can we expect? What attitudes should we adopt at the heart of this pandemic? How should we prepare for the post-COVID-19 crisis? What are the major lessons we must learn from this pandemic in terms of health, humanitarian, economic, professional, and social?

In a series of articles, we will focus on answering these crucial questions. For now, we accept the fact that this COVID pandemic is hiding a lot of messages, warnings, and even other things that we ignore! Here we go! We should expect to go from surprise to surprise!

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