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The Benefits of the Mission of Jesus Christ

Thanks to the Mission of Jesus Christ, God has fulfilled the plan of the redemption of the human race. All is finished, God has provided our salvation. Yes, at first sight, it is the first fallout of the mission of Jesus Christ: it is the salvation available in Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, other spinoffs are added to it. This is what we will try to see. It is noted that only a few of them will be discussed, at least which are the most relevant, understandable in the light of the Bible. The question we will address in this article is: What are the benefits of the Mission of Jesus Christ?

The Mission of Jesus ChristTHE MISSION OF JESUS CHRIST

1 – The First Mission of Jesus Christ was The Remission of Sins or the Forgiveness of Our Sins

The sacrifice of animals, the sacrificial systems, the rites, and cults that were made by the high priests for the atonement of sin was not sufficient in actually erasing the sin of man to obtain the forgiveness of sins. It was the shadow of things to come.
Moreover, what the high priests did in the spirit of the expiration of sins or the forgiveness of sins or the forgiveness of sins, were for the Jewish people, for the people whom God himself had chosen.

But by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, we have the confirmation, the certainty, and the assurance that we have the forgiveness of our sins. By his messianic mission, primarily by his death on the cross and his blood that flowed for our sins, it is in him,  that is to say in Jesus Christ, that we obtain the forgiveness of our sins or the remission of our sins. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ was made for all men on this earth (all who have lived or are living, or who will live until the end of the world).
Let’s see some biblical passages that attest to it: Mark 2: 5-12;  John 1:29;  Matthew 26:28; Hebrews 9:22.

2 – The Second Mission of Jesus Christ was Justification by Faith in Jesus

Now,  that we get the remission of our sins through the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ. So too we benefit from the Justification by Faith in Jesus.
Justification is to make a person guilty of guilt before the Judge. Our sin has made us guilty before God. But through His Death on the Cross, Christ gave us the opportunity to present ourselves before God “just as if we had never sinned.”
<< … We are now justified by his blood … >> – Romans 5: 9. By his death on the Cross, we get the Justification. This justification is acquired through faith in Jesus, we have peace with God (Romans 5: 1).

However, how to understand the concept of Justification by Faith made possible by the mission of Jesus Christ?

For Jesus, out of love for us, took in our place what we should have suffered: condemnation. Thus, the requirement of God, the righteous Judge, that sin be punished, has been satisfied. And God is looking at us now as free people, who have never sinned (Although we are sinners). This is how God goes about freeing men from the pain of death. It is a costly way that His Son was sacrificed for us. Yes, Jesus Christ paid the price for us. (See these Bible passages: Isaiah 53: 6; 2 Corinthians 5:21).

It is well to note that we are not justified because of our few good works, or by our own strengths, or by our own way. But we are justified solely and exclusively by our faith in Jesus Christ. It is through his sacrifice on the cross, his blood that has flowed to the cross that we obtain this justification free of charge before God, although we do not deserve this justification. This justification is found only by our Faith in Jesus Christ, and as long as we abide in Jesus, that is, in His way, His truth, and His doctrines (Romans 8: 1).

3 – The Third Mission of Jesus Christ was Reconciliation With God

In addition to the remission of our sins and our justification before God by faith in Jesus Christ: the mission of Jesus Christ reconciles us to God.

Reconciliation is the restoration of peace, connection. Because of sin, the man had moved away from God. The proof, after the sin of Adam and Eve, they were driven out of the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3: 23-24).

Sin also hid the face of God from us: that is why Adam and Eve, after their sin, hid away from the face of the Lord (Genesis 3: 8).

Being away from God, man needed to be reconciled with God.

The death of Christ on the cross thus healed this enmity between God and us; it opens the way by which the rebellious man can regain communion with God.
Our reconciliation with God was made possible only by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ during His messianic mission (see the following passages: Romans 5: 6-8, 10;   2 Corinthians 5: 18; Ephesians 2: 17-18).
Thus, because of the death of Christ, the broken relationship between man and God is restored. The veil that separated the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place in the temple was torn to show that man can come to God through Jesus Christ and be accepted. This is a truth and excellent news for everyone.
Reconciliation through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ also extends to reconciliation between man and man. In the Lord Jesus Christ, national, tribal, color, class, etc. barriers are destroyed. Yes, indeed in Christ, the barriers between men are broken. Far from being a theory, it is a reality. (See Galatians 3: 26-28, Colossians 3: 11).

4 – Adoption

Enjoying the remission of our sins, justification by faith in Jesus, and now reconciled to God, thanks to Jesus. We have a new status.
By the sacrifice of Jesus Christ during his messianic mission: his death on the cross and his precious blood that flowed on the cross; we have an adoption. Indeed, a freed slave needs a new status. The death of Christ on the cross has also provided for this.
The process, called Adoption, is the process by which the full rights of a son are conferred on someone who is not a child by birth.
On the spiritual plane, following our disobedience (our rebellion against God) we became children of the Devil and are bound by him. But Christ, through His Death on the Cross, freed us from these bonds and made us God’s adopted children. Those who believe in Jesus are destined to be children of God. (See Romans 8:29, Hebrews 2: 10-17).

As adoptive children, believers are the object of God’s love, as the Lord Jesus pointed out in his prayer (John 17:23).

Also as adoptive children of the living God, we receive His Spirit (Galatians 4: 6). From now on given this adoption, we have privileges: we are no longer slaves of the Devil, but children of God. (See John 1: 12-13,  Galatians 4: 7,  Romans 8:17).

5 – Celestial Citizenship

Our adoption, as children of God, entitles us to be heavenly citizens, now through the eternal sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This right and privilege are only found in Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus said, “… my kingdom is not of this world …” – John 18:36. Because Jesus, the first Son, is from the Other World, all true believers are also from the other world. Moreover, the Lord Jesus bears witness to them by saying, ” They are not of the world, as I am not of the world  ” – John 17:16.

Indeed, a question is emerging: How unworthy people like us can receive the full rights of Heaven. We can rightly feel that we do not deserve it. This feeling is right, for us, as sinners of nature, deserve nothing but the lake of fire (hell, eternal fire, condemnation: the return to nothingness.

However, all this was made possible by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in our place. It is only in Jesus Christ that we enjoy this heavenly citizenship. In Jesus, therefore, we become celestial citizens (see Hebrews 13:14,  Philippians 3:20,  John 14: 1-3,  Ephesians 2:19,  2 Corinthians 5:20).

6 – Redemption

We can summarize all that we have said in the preceding points by the concept of redemption. For (1) -the forgiveness of our sins, (2) -the justification before God by faith in Jesus, (3) -reconciliation with God, (4) -the adoption or the status of a child of God, (5) – the privilege of heavenly citizenship: concur in the Redemption.

These are the fallout from the PLAN OF SALVATION or REDEMPTION OF HUMAN RACE that Jesus Christ accomplished through his Messianic mission, out of love for humans.

The Redemption is the release of a person who was in captivity, thanks to a ransom. Sin renders the sinner prisoner, and he suffers a penalty. By His Death on the Cross, Jesus paid the ransom and released the sinner from both the pain and the power of sin.

– To redeem us from all unrighteousness, Jesus Christ gave himself: (Titus 2:14)

– Through Jesus Christ, we obtain redemption (Ephesians 1: 7,  Romans 3: 23-26).

General Conclusion on the Mission of Jesus Christ

At the end, of our reflection which extended in 3 parts whose Theme is THE MISSION OF JESUS CHRIST, it would be judicious and necessary to retain this:

  • Without Christ, man would be a corpse waiting to be thrown into the lake of fire (hell, eternal fire, condemnation).
  • Without Christ, the old system of sacrifice would continue to be without effect.
  • Without Christ, God’s love for the world would be unknown and would not be experienced.
  • Without Christ, there would be no new covenant between God and man whereby God forgives sinners and remembers their sins.
  • Without Christ, all humanity would pass to the last judgment, without being justified before God.
  • Without Christ, one would not be saved from the consequences of sin.
  • Without Christ, one would never have victory over sin, death, and the devil.
  • Without Christ, all creation would remain in tragic servitude.
  • Without Christ, Man would be without a savior and without hope.

Let’s mark for a moment and try to think what would we be without this plan of salvation or redemption? Without the Mission of Jesus Christ who accomplished this brilliant plan of salvation? And in a word:

Without Jesus Christ?

If the world does have hope and hope, it can only be in Jesus Christ. Two great works of universal significance must be appreciated by men: the creation of the world and the redemption of the human race. By these two great incommensurable works, it is possible for a man to get an idea of the Creator God. Imagine for a moment: For futilities, ephemeral and perishable things, men are ready to kill each other, to hate each other, to hurt each other, to deliberately give themselves to sin. And if, the salvation in Jesus Christ or the redemption of humanity was paying! What would this world be? Is it not right for God to offer us free salvation in Christ through the mission of Jesus Christ?

May glory, honor, adoration, elevation, magnificence be warmly given to God for the reverberations of the mission of Jesus Christ, forever and ever, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen!

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