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What Are the Benefits of Having a Hobby?

What are the benefits of having a hobby?  Many people ask themselves this kind of question. Let to show them the importance of having hobbies. And that’s what this article responds to.

What are the benefits of having a hobby?

A hobby is an activity whose main purpose is the pleasure of the person who does it in the free time available. A hobby must be taken by one’s own will; it must not be forced. Otherwise, it will not bring pleasure! And for that, there are many choices, if I only mention gardening, a little do-it-yourself, playing sports, collecting something, or simply reading. Indeed, it is easy to have a hobby.

First, recreation serves as a distraction for people. And indeed, a hobby is not “productive” because the idea is not to produce but to have fun. There it is clear. We must tell you that the idea of having fun is not to make our life a chain of problems like routine work at home and from home to work. The concept of recreation is quite the opposite. Recreation makes life more enjoyable.

Indeed, we live in a time when most of us have overworked lives. Our days are long, and replacing the hours of leisure with hours spent on our smartphones does not help to find time to devote to a real hobby.

But having no hobbies – playing sports, collecting stamps, or knitting – can make us less productive. Studies show that recreation positively affects our mental health and improves our functioning both at work and out. Here are some of the psychological benefits of devoting to a passion during our free moments.

What are the benefits of having a hobby?

Stress Reduction: De-Stressing and Releasing Pressure

Having an activity outside of the work you’re looking forward to doing that improves your self-esteem has a positive effect on mood and reduces stress,” says Jaime Kurtz, assistant professor of psychology at James Madison University of Virginia. When you feel frustrated at work, doing something with your hands after work can bring satisfaction.

Some activities produce what is called a “state of flux,” an intense concentration that causes the notion of time to be lost. ” People who know this state say they have a higher level of happiness and feel less stressed,” adds Jaime Kurtz.Reading as a hobby

A study in the United Kingdom found that reading reduced stress levels by 68%, slowed the heart rate, and relaxed the muscles after only six minutes. Participants in an American study said they felt 34% less stressed and 18% less sad when they engaged in a recreational activity. Their pulse was also slower, even several hours after the end of the activity.

To you who ask yourself: Do we have the benefits of having a hobby? Here is the first answer: Yes! And why? Because Having a hobby helps to free the mind of any negativity.

We are too stressed, and today’s society often pushes us to look at the glass half empty. We will replace this stress with pleasure by investing in a pleasant and soothing activity.

Practicing your favorite pastime allows you to focus temporarily on something other than your obligations or your physical or psychological problems. It is well-known happiness can evacuate stress.

But that’s not all: Hobbies do not just reduce stress. But, also, hobbies reduce depression and anxiety. Do you want to know more? Then continue reading the following lines.

Less Anxiety and Depression, More Happiness

Activities that require repetitive movements, such as knitting, tai chi, and yoga, are particularly effective because they help those who practice them to stay in the present moment. By occupying their minds, they allow them to not worry about work. They act like mindfulness meditation, a practice that has proven effective in reducing anxiety and depression, says Kurtz.

Taking a dance class, being part of a knitting group, or participating in a sports competition also allows you to meet people with similar interests, which induces another range of positive emotions. ” I made lots of friends through my equestrian activity,” says Elisa Missio-Marocchi. ” Our social life is one of the greatest factors in our happiness,” confirms Jaime Kurtz.

In reality, It lifts morale and fights depression. Watching television is a passive and non-stimulating activity. It puts our brains to sleep.

A few years ago, an American study showed that our brain is more active when we sleep than in front of the television … Investing in a creative hobby stimulates our brain and relaxes us at the same time. The activity may be repetitive but must require commitment. This focuses on a positive and stimulating feeling.

The benefits of having a hobby are not just about mental health, but they also improve how we work.

Increased Performance at Work

Leisure can also increase our productivity. A study of US Air Force commanders has shown that engaging in creative activities, such as painting or making music, improves work performance, problem-solving skills, and teamwork. ” The participants came back to work with more rest and with more energy,” says assistant professor of psychology at the University of San Francisco, Kevin Eschleman, who led the study.

Of course, you should not spend too much time on a hobby, no matter how much interest you have in it. Some passions, very expensive, can become a financial pitfall. The time spent on a hobby should not impinge on the time devoted to professional activities.The Benefits of Having a Hobby

But those who find the right balance between work and leisure will see their energy and energy increase in a short time. “Find an activity that you truly love and commit to doing,” advises Jaime Kurtz. Unfortunately, when you are overwhelmed, you tend to sacrifice your hobbies because you see them as a luxury, not something essential for your health and happiness. ”

Go running, escape into a book or maintain your garden, or listen to music while relaxing; your hobby will probably make you forget your worries for a moment. In addition, it helps to have a quieter mind and be more productive when it comes time to return to work!

When Our Hobby Brings Us Closer to Others…

It is possible to have many reasons to have more fun. And yes, a hobby can become a door for interaction with other people with the same passions as you. For example, sign up for a club. And currently, with the evolution of technology and the Internet, it’s easy to find people with the same “hobbies.” In these cases, hobbies help you communicate while remaining a good way for you to relax.

Hobby, More Than a Relaxation!

In addition, while hobbies help to relax, they help keep your brain active. Suppose we take the example of doctors who recommend learning a foreign language to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Apart from that, playing a musical instrument also helps people be more creative. That’s not all and there is also the sport helps the body. Indeed, it is important to mention that sport is always good for the body and for health. Not to mention reading, this also has well-known results in people. And yes, if you start reading, your vocabulary increases, your writing improves, and so on.

As a Conclusion

What are the benefits of having a hobby? Why do I have to have a hobby? Finally, there are many reasons to have a hobby. For example, apart from all that hobbies do for human beings, I think that hobbies are a sign of evolution! To give us a hobby implies that we have free time. And this time means that we have already finished all we have to do. And yes, distraction is good for us, but we must not exaggerate anyway because we have mentioned above that leisure time is not productive. For that, it is necessary to establish its schedule well.

Why not break free of time to have a hobby? The majority of people say they are overwhelmed. We do not have the time… However, ” to live better is also to have time for oneself.

(Thomson Dablemond) So what are you waiting for? Find time! Find a hobby! Relax! Relax! The idea is simple: Choose the activity that is yours, but that will make you the most pleasurable! To each his leisure, therefore!

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