Why it’s important to be yourself? This is the subject we are dealing with in this article. Many lives would have been beautiful if the importance of self-freedom was understood.

It’s time to trust us and give ourselves the freedom to be ourselves. Trust yourself as one would trust our best friend; to advance with our eyes closed, with the certainty that our choices are right, for ourselves and for the world. In this field of freedom, there is no longer any notion of good or evil. (But how does the world regulate itself? The world regulates itself on the profound nature of the human being. By giving freedom to each individual, we allow him to access his, to the love that he carries at the bottom of each of his cells.)Why It's Important to Be Yourself

Why It’s Important to Be Yourself?

1 – Removal of Internal Barriers

When we remove our inner barriers, a field of possibilities opens up to us; a field that fills us with enthusiasm. A field that gives us the impetus to act, to believe in it, to love. Without these barriers, we dare to meet others; without fear of being judged since we know that the other only sends us back his own vision of the world. With this confidence, we never feel alone. We are always carried by this infallible friend. You understand the importance of being yourself.

When we reach self-freedom, we come then to remove the internal barriers. The barriers that we have built-in us that prevents us from accessing optimal personal development.

2 – Rapprochement of the Ideal

By spontaneously sharing what we are, we are moving away from what does not correspond to us. Disputes, breaks, layoffs are sometimes wonderful events to bring us closer to what looks like us. If we reduce ourselves to the other; we may be avoiding some disputes, but we miss the opportunity to meet what really suits us; we are passing by us; next to all this wealth that we have to offer to the world.

Being yourself is the best gift we can give to the earth. To be fully self-offers the world its balance. The ecosystem of humanity needs our singularity. If everyone remained himself and everyone opened to the world as he is without hypocrisy, without cunning, under his real identity, that is how everyone can bring his touch to the balance of humanity.

3 – Contribution to the Fulfillment of Our Soul

To dare to be, to express, and to do what we are; thus our body becomes the continuation of our “soul”. Our voice, our hands, our legs exist to reflect what we are deep. Health is also a reflection of the adequacy of our life with what we are deep.
When we have freedom of self, then it is easier for our soul to move, to flourish. Because we give him the opportunity to express himself and live according to his understanding. Thus, our soul is not a prisoner. She feels helpful and has resources to give the best of herself.

4 – Increases Our Productivity

If we dare to be fully ourselves, then we are more productive; in what really matters of course. In fact, we lose a lot of time judging ourselves and measuring each other’s eyes. By trusting, and letting the essence express itself, we enter the rhythm of life; everything is fluid.
And that is how we will be active, we will work in the direction of shaping our lives. Thus, we give ourselves the strength, the will, and the courage to fight in life, when we have freedom of self. This is the importance of being oneself. This is why it’s important to be yourself.

5 – Consolidation of Self-Love

To love oneself, and to dare to be fully oneself; it is also daring to take its rightful place, it is daring not to agree, it is daring to be different, it is to leave these stereotypes of actions, these norms, these small laws, it is is to take back the role of our life, it is daring to laugh, it is daring to be remarkable, it is to listen to its interior flame, it is daring to leave its zone of comfort, it is to create every moment, it is to welcome the differences is to see oneself on the same level as the other, to love oneself. This is what gives us freedom of self.

6 – Have the Joy of Living and Be Useful for This World

If we dare to be fully ourselves, we smile deeply; a smile complicit with our deepest identity. It’s the importance of being oneself.have the joy

Being yourself makes life a lot lighter. It is refreshing because it is natural; it does not require any effort. It’s being someone else who makes us tired. Being oneself plunges us into the present; allows us to see all his gifts and allows us to offer what we are. If we dare to be fully ourselves, we really exist, we are alive. If we dare to be fully ourselves, we are happy and the world is better.

There is one thing that people do not know. “One way or another, positively or negatively: the world influences us, we also influence the world. But I decided to influence the world positively. (Thomson Dablemond) Here is a leitmotif that guides me in life. But we can not impact the world and especially be useful to the world if we do not have real freedom of self.

7 – Clarification of Our Being or Our Image

As a result of acceptance, this change in itself allows us to move towards reducing impulses and tensions. This is manifested by the distance from what we are not, from that image that corresponded up to that point, to what we thought we should be and what was expected of us, including socially. There is no longer this need to please to feel loved or exist because, with self-acceptance, we emancipate ourselves from the eyes of others. We consciously choose the direction to give to our life and regardless of the way we look, because we are ready to accept our choices and their possible consequences.

By having a benevolent attitude and by putting a loving and unjudged look on oneself, we facilitate the opening to the “experiential” freedom of life.

This opening to oneself promotes a better understanding of our personal history and as well as letting go. Mental relaxation takes place and helps to “let go” tensions, both physical and psychological. This opening to oneself leads us to freedom of being and inner peace, that is towards the unification of our being.

The image we have of us is very important because we make a reality of what we think we are.

If, for example, we think we are “clumsy”, our attitudes will be an extension of this thought and we will reflect others, despite ourselves, this image that we have of ourselves.

When you have the freedom of self, it allows you to clarify the image you have of yourself. Because it leads you day by day to learn who you are. When you have freedom of self, then you are more inclined towards your inner man.

Yet, to achieve personal development, you have to bet on your inner man. And that goes through a clarification of the self-image. You must be the first person who knows you.

8 – Contribution to Personal Development and Optimism

We are accessing nascent potentialities that until now were dormant. They allow us to accept our life experience in its complexity (our parts of shadow and light) and also the experience of others.

There is no room for so-called “negative” feelings such as animosity because, in our minds, the place is left to a balance of so-called “positive” feelings and an opening, which can be applied more largely to groups and societies.

We cannot achieve optimal development if we do not have optimism. And yet, those who have the freedom of self-facilitates optimism; which is obviously necessary for personal development. So cultivate positivity.

9 – to Be in Harmony with Oneself

Here is another importance of being oneself. Here is another why it’s important to be yourself. When we practice self-freedom: This fluidity, thanks to the personality strengthened by experience, gives free rein to creativity and adaptation to living conditions. This change promotes “harmony in itself,” an internal communication that reflects on our “social” communication and our relationships. In this state of mind, the present moment is welcomed with full acceptance of what cannot be changed.

Defensive attitudes give way to increased openness to experience and personal responsibility, through which, more and more, each moment is lived with an “amplified” presence and consciousness.

Thus, we promote “self-harmony”. Our soul feels more vigor when we are in harmony with ourselves.

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