A scientific advance has caused a sensation lately: it is artificial intelligence. For my part, this scientific prowess is to be welcomed. Comparing human intelligence vs artificial intelligence brings me to the words of the psalmist David: “I praise you for being a marvelous creature. (Psalms 139:14).

Artificial intelligence emanates from the natural one, which implies that it cannot surpass the one that generated them. On the contrary, it is necessary to consider that artificial intelligence is an extension of a natural human, mainly since its evolution and dynamism depend on human intelligence’s activity, which ensures the invention and the programming of artificial intelligence and also works for its improvement.

It Would Be Absurd to Compare Artificial vs Human IntelligenceIt Would Be Absurd to Compare Artificial vs Human Intelligence

Admittedly, artificial intelligence stands out for its speed, promptness, and productivity, but human intelligence is characterized by its expansiveness, creativity, and ability to duplicate itself. It rightly surpasses artificial intelligence. Just as everything the tree becomes is contained in the seed, so is artificial intelligence (A.I.); it is in miniature everything that the incredible human intelligence (I.H.) is and can become.

Artificial Intelligence Is Just the Projection of Human Intelligence

In this sense, artificial intelligence is the projection of human intelligence, its manifest becoming, and the expression of its powerful extension and expansion. Let’s be realistic: even to make good use of and benefit from artificial intelligence, it is undeniably necessary to call on human intelligence.

Beyond all this debate on the relationship between artificial intelligence and human intelligence, as for me, I postulate for the celebration of human exploitation and the suffocation or the sleeping of his intellectual faculties if he ventures to depend on these inventions.

This is why man must consider artificial intelligence as an extension and not as a goal, an end. Let humans make servants of artificial intelligence instead of allowing themselves to be colonized by them. Otherwise, we will tend toward the decline of human intelligence and the corruption of the essence of humanity.

What Comes From Man Is Not Greater Than Man

What makes our humanity is our ability to reflect again and again, to be free to express and perfect our humanity, and not to reduce it to inventions that emanate from our creative genius, from our own inventions. Everything that comes from man is not greater than man, which is why it would be miserable to belittle humans in the face of their inventions, even if more and more we see that man becomes a slave to his technological and scientific inventions.


Thomson Dablemond
Personal development coach
Writer, Speaker, Mental therapy
Publisher, Literary critic, Philo teacher

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