This article from comes to talk to you about How to nourish the mind? Food is part of the daily life of man. Man needs to nourish his body, his soul, and his spirit. Certainly, we know that we must feed ourselves. Yes, we also know that our health depends on our diet. We even know the diets we need. But the sad reality is that we carry more than food for the material body than for the immaterial body (spirit). How to Nourish the Mind?

Our diet is the foundation of our physical health. But it is more than that, it also contributes to our psychic balance. Eating well also applies to your mind. That is to say, provide him with the psychological food necessary for your health. As an organ of the mind, the brain feeds on everything that enters through our sense organs.

Our Environment Influences Us

Feeding your mind is fueling your spirit. In other words, we are influenced by our environment. What penetrates us can be physical food that feeds the body (but not only) but also all the information and components of our environment.

The term nourishing his mind refers to all the information that comes in and then influences us. Thus, this is the input parameter of a system where our thoughts and ideas would be output parameters.

In other words, everything we say, think, see, we do, we hear – has influences on us and our health.

Know that your social environment, family, professional, etc influence you either positively or negatively. In this case, this fundamental question returns to us: How to nourish the mind?

In addition, our environment also has a role to play in this. Thus, our work or our relationships influence our mental health. As a result, here are some examples of situations that can negatively affect our mental well-being:

 Too much pressure at work => stress

 Advertising messages that permanently create new needs => dissatisfaction

 Media that convey negative information => fear

 Social networks where we can compare ourselves => want

 A negative and pessimistic entourage => doubt

 A toxic relationship that harms us => guilt / shame …

 Etc …

In fact, some information fed my mind negatively. The way we feed our minds has an impact on our well-being. So, once I realized that I decided to pay attention to how to feed my mind.

In the information that influences us and the way we feed our minds, our surroundings have an important role to play. Indeed, a negative environment can hurt us and slow us down in our aspirations. Some people love us but they hurt us.

For example, when we receive criticism from a loved one, it can resonate for a long time in our head and end up hurting us. So, I think choosing relationships is important to nurture your mind. Negative, skeptical, pessimistic, or toxic people do not help me live a peaceful life or fulfill my aspirations.

Our Attitude Influences Us

On the other hand, we could deal with the role of food on our mind and our spirit, but here I will talk more about intangible food. As a result, we are constantly capturing information and this feeds our minds.

Then it is our responsibility to carry more or less importance to different information and guide our thoughts. The mind is a very powerful machine to create and creations can be beneficial or negative. Indeed, it is quite possible to create and maintain negative thoughts (anger, envy, pride, fear …) as well as positive thoughts (joy, gratitude, wonder …). A relevant question is therefore essential to us: How to nourish the mind?

The Human Brain Is a Plant to Think

Our brain is constantly moving. Even when we sleep our subconscious is working and we can make dreams. Of course, there are times when we are more awake than others. On the other hand, thoughts come out of this factory constantly. We have an important role to play in the nature and quality of these thoughts, and this includes how we feed our minds. What elements do we give to our minds? How to nourish the mind?

How to Nourish the Mind?

inspirational thoughts

Use and not to abuse:

The Lord gives you talents so that you make good use of them, and not abuse it. The power of endurance, the strengths, and activities of the brain can be weakened or increased depending on how they are used. That said, you must use your faculties harmoniously, carefully, wisely, and healthily.

A Healthy Reading (The Word of God):

A pure and healthy reading will be for the mind what healthy food is for the body. Thus, you will be stronger to resist temptation, acquire good habits, and act according to good principles. Jesus rightly states in Matthew 4: 4, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God.” This biblical passage highlights here what is healthy food: the Holy Bible.

The Holy Bible is one of the books and even the ideal book to feed his mind.

Keep the avenues of the soul:

When we watch with great care everything that might harm them, avoid reading, seeing, or hearing what is likely to suggest impure thoughts.

To have intimate and sincere communion with God:

The closer you get to God, to his Word, and to faith in Jesus Christ, you allow your spirit to nourish itself by rising up to its Creator. Mental faculties must apply to meditate on themes that concern our eternal interests. This will contribute to the health of the body and mind.

Healthy Eating:

Excess eating, drinking, sleeping, or reading is harmful to our mental well-being. That says that it’s also bad to feed one’s mind when we do not have a healthy diet.

Have a good morality in our attitude:

For example, honesty, integrity, justice, and many more, thus well nourish his spirit. Have healthy and dignified thoughts too. Think of good and flee evil.

Knowing how to make your choices:

Feeding one’s mind is choosing one’s surroundings and contacts, and even our relationships. To know how to hold one’s tongue … It’s up to us to choose. To feed negatively on one’s mind is a choice. Just like feeding your mind, it’s also a choice.

We must know how to choose our content on social networks and sort the music we listen to or the videos we watch. Remember that all the information your sense organs transmit feeds your mind either well or badly.

Avoiding mental overwork:

Undertaking to do a double job means for many a mental overwork to the detriment of physical exercise. It is not reasonable to suppose that the mind can assimilate an excess of mental nourishment, and it is a sin as serious to overload the mind as to overload the digestive organs.

Tips for Nourishing His Spirit Positively

There are many behaviors that can hurt us and negatively feed our minds. I grouped together a few that seemed relevant and suited me. In this way, I invite you to think about the behaviors you may have and the impacts they have on you. Feeding your mind negatively is a choice. Likewise, nourishing one’s mind positively is another.

This list is not exhaustive, but it can be useful for you if you know how to make good use of it. Here are ways to positively feed your mind:

 Take the air, and if possible the sun in everyday life. It soothes the mind and makes you happy.

 Foster a positive attitude in our relationships and conversations

 Emphasize positive information rather than negative information. What we focus on is growing!

 Consume content that interests us and helps us progress

 Surround yourself with smiling and optimistic people

 Have a positive outlook on oneself and cultivate good self-esteem

 Read books that make us feel good and pull us up

 Show appreciation and gratitude

 Create, guide, and nurture positive thoughts

 Do not abuse stupid contents that want to entertain us (there are plenty of ways to be entertained!)

 Watch his words because the words that come out of our mouths resonate

 Practice positive autosuggestion

 Sports (good for the mind!)

 Spend time with yourself

 And many others …

Conclusion on How to Nourish the Mind

How to nourish the mind? It’s simple, it’s feeding your mind positively! And that allows you to live better. Indeed, nourishing his mind positively will promote the creation and maintenance of positive thoughts. Positive thoughts attract the positive and serve as engines in our lives.

On the contrary, negative thoughts inhibit our actions and slow us down. Thus, nourishing one’s mind positively allows one to flourish more and influence well our well-being.

In other words, taking care of yourself is also about taking care of your mind and your sanity. The consequences are positive in all aspects of our life: personal, professional, relational, spiritual.

To nourish positively one’s spirit passes by the external information that we consume but also by our interior attitude to create and to maintain our thoughts. Thus, it is, first of all, a work on oneself that must be done to understand and analyze what is good for us.

Then, positive behaviors and attitudes need to be fostered to attract positive life. It seems that what we are focusing on is growing in us. That’s why we are free to choose and orient our mindset. As a result, it means feeding your mind positively in order to live better.

I want to conclude my article, through the example of a field: if we do not sow, the weeds will fill it in a short time. So, is it with our minds? He who finds nothing to feed his mind well will see that his mind will be malnourished.

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