Only two things are reliable in life – birth and death. They happen without our will, the only events in our lives that we have no control over. Perhaps that is why they are the most mysterious and charged with emotions. The first is beautiful, the happy, and the second is sad. Maybe also because we have a distorted attitude toward death in our society. We push the thought of death out of consciousness and conversations; it happens to others, not to us. Death means an irreparable loss to you, and you are so attached to things and people that you don’t know how to let go of someone you love. We forget that life itself is invaluable, not material goods, money, reputation, position, or status in society.

You Don’t Know to Let Go of Someone You Love Because You’re Too Attached

Property is extremely important in modern society, and its loss seems irreplaceable, whether it is ownership of material goods, people, or values. We are terribly wrong. Not only because we crave possession of things, but we also crave possession of people. Why is it a value for us to control someone, to dance to our beats? Why do we have a better self-image if someone bows to our desires? Even love in a partnership is so significant to us that we are successful and happy only if we are ‘merged’ with a partner if we live only for him. And then our world collapses when the man who ‘meant everything to us’ leaves. If we don’t live our lives, don’t know who we are or what we are, don’t have our place in the world and life, and don’t find ourselves when our partner says goodbye. We hang on to him; we are jealous because he is leaving; we lament what we will be without him because we have done everything with him and for him.The Greatest Gift of Love Is to Let Go of Someone You Love

The Greatest Gift of Love Is to Let Go of Someone You Love

Life and death don’t’ ask if I can leave, much less if you allow me to go. I have to leave because it’s’ so determining. After all, it’s’ natural because that’s just the way it is. And we have to come to terms with that, whether we want to or not. Therefore, the greatest gift of love is letting the man we love go in peace and be reconciled with life, death, and ourselves. It is not right that because of our egoism, comfort, and fear of being left alone and helpless, we prolong someone’s life that he would like to leave. I know it isn’t easy to prove scientifically. Still, the unwritten truth – believe me, my experience also confirms it is that when someone decides to die, they will die, even if we try to keep it. So we should allow him to do that.

Let People Who Are Running Out of Time Say What They Want

They don’t have to say it in words because it’s tough to put into words; it can be with a look or a gesture. It is not right to prolong someone’s life that they would have already left behind because of our comfort, selfishness, or fear. By this, of course, I am not advocating euthanasia, far from it. I stand for the right of man to decide for himself, which also means to decide for his own death. I am convinced that the right of man to decide for himself is above the medical code; medical deontology, after all, speaks to the fact that the physician should not take life. Doctors know how to prolong life, but they do not know how to give it up. That is why I stand for the human right to be an advocate. Let people who are running out of life be actively involved in what is happening to them to say what they want and what they don’t. Let them write this so that relatives and friends will know what to do and how to behave when the time comes to say goodbye, and also that doctors will respect their decision. Let us help to live life with dignity to the end so that people are not robbed of dignity and the right to decide for themselves or that they are not buried before they have expired.

Do Not Leave the Dying Alone

The dying is not supposed to die alone, lonely, forgotten, and abandoned by all. Let’s help them maintain social contacts, which otherwise dry up when they get sick and die. Let’s help them in the last months or weeks and days of life when they turn inward and move away from the material world and when the time of ‘reckoning’ comes and to the surface the question of what my life meant or whether I did anything in it. I am convinced that everyone is wondering about the meaning of life. And that, at that time, the support of the surroundings, relatives, and friends is extremely important.

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