By not properly exercising our brain or rarely using certain parts of our brain, we sometimes have sleeping areas in our brain. But also, we notice that the memory and concentration faculties also depend on the physiological and psychological state of health of each person. In your brain, do you have sleeping areas? Would you like to know how to increase brain power and memory?How to Increase Brain Power?

Activation of the sleeping areas of the brain can be done by performing a few simple exercises and changing certain routines.

Increase Brain Power and Memory by Changing Hands

Change hands for daily activities and try to exercise the brain in a different way. If you are right-handed, take the pen with your left hand and try to write a few sentences each day. Perform simple tasks like eating or brushing teeth and changing hands to force the brain to relearn in a new way.

This simple task will encourage the brain to make some new connections and rethink how to perform daily tasks.

Increase Brain Power and Memory by Bay

Some fun activities allow you to practice different areas of the brain, such as those involved in memory, logic, verbal comprehension, vocabulary, and word usage.Increase brain power

These are hobbies that entertain while allowing the brain to work, such as bridge, chess, crosswords, scrabble, sudoku, puzzles, and games on the Internet.

To Read Loudly

Pretend to be in front of a large audience. Reading out loud forces the brain to do multiple activities, not done by silent reading. The brain must scan continuously to prepare a speech, determine the tone of voice, and perform other activities simultaneously with speech.

Reading remains one of the best intellectual stimulants. It improves cognitive reserve and oral language skills and stimulates brain activity, and reinforces neuronal connections.

This is an important protection against the development of diseases such as Alzheimer’s. In addition, reading can reduce stress levels, help develop language, improve attention and concentration, etc.

Learn to Play a Musical Instrument or a Foreign Language

Learning to play an instrument or speak a foreign language accumulates gray matter in the brain and stimulates new brain connections.Train Your Brain

It does not matter if you are learning a foreign language, dance, or horticulture; learning can help you learn new skills and increase your self-confidence and your memory.

One of the most powerful techniques to increase intelligence, according to the field of neurology, is to learn a new language. To do this, the brain must create new connections. Understanding the schemas and being able to transmit them is one of the tasks requiring the most energy from our “processor.”

The more difficult the language, the newer the reasoning capacity will be demanding. Of course, it varies from person to person. […]

To Remember Phone Numbers

Working memory refers to the ability to process and mentally manipulate given information in the present moment. The working memory makes it possible, for example, to retain a telephone number while it is possible to register it, to make links between the information that is given, or to perform a mental calculation.

Our phones memorize all numbers dialed or received. Nobody tries to remember phone numbers, but it’s a wonderful way to refresh your memory. Discover a new phone number every day. In addition to memorizing the number of documents, number plates …

Exercises for Brain Circulation

•       Physical activity

The benefits of regular physical activity on the body and the brain are well established. It decreases anxiety while improving brain oxygenation, improves the production of trophic factors, helps neurons to maintain their nerve endings better, and helps increase cerebral blood flow, which protects the brain from brain damage and limits the decline associated with aging.

Regular physical exercise has a beneficial impact on physical and psycho-emotional health. Exercises such as brisk walking, cycling, swimming, or dancing three times a week or more for about thirty minutes have a positive effect on brain function.

Certain types of movements can further improve the brain. In addition to improving neuronal blood flow, certain activities will also promote neurogenesis or the development of new brain cells. These activities can also increase the hemispheric junction and the development of new neuronal pathways. The most effective at producing these additional benefits are those that challenge balance, use asymmetrical movements, and have a strategic or intellectual component. Martial arts, Tai Chi, and gymnastics are particularly good for this type of activity.

Scientists from the University of Florida (USA) and Shanghai Fudan University (China) have shown that adults who practice Tai Chi three times a week have increased brain volume and have better results in memory and brain tests reasoning. The results were published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease in 2012. The researchers say that aerobic exercise is associated with the production of growth factors in the brain.

•       MeditateMeditation

The regular practice of meditation is a perfect method to fight anxiety and stress, the great evils of our society.

People who meditate have more folds (or a higher degree of gyrification) in the cerebral cortex, which allows their brains to process information faster than the brains of people who do not meditate.

A few years ago, American scientists demonstrated that meditation, independently of its spiritual practice, had multiple beneficial effects on the brain, capable of consciously generating alpha brain waves linked to states of intense relaxation.

•        Stay socially active

The brain is a social organ. He needs to interact with his peers. That is why it is essential to maintain social ties throughout one’s life, to weave new ones, to build projects, to undertake, and to remain curious. The social bond and professional activity help to maintain the cognitive faculties of the brain. They participate in building a cognitive reserve beneficial against cerebral aging.

Isolation is the enemy of intellectual abilities. To continue to confront others, to their points of view, and to participate in exchanges is essential to avoid falling into mental laziness.

•       Take the time to relax and develop positive thinking

In order to protect the recent memory, it is imperative to be protected from stress. Stress can trigger the secretion of cortisol, a harmful hormone that can affect the brain, especially in recent memory. In addition, chronic stress can shrink areas of the brain that correspond to this memory.

A Good RestGet Good Night Rest

When the body is resting during the night, the brain activates functions that it cannot put in place during the day.

The daily rest period allows memory to consolidate experiences, as well as all new things learned during the day. It is also at this moment that it eliminates all that is not useful.

Having light, intermittent, or very short sleep causes immediate brain damage. This is reflected the next day by mental difficulties.

A Healthy Diet

Eating well is the foundation of good health and contributes to that of the brain. The Mediterranean diet is characterized by a high intake of cereals (mainly whole grains), vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts, olive oil, fish, and poultry. Fats and fatty acids, including cervonic acid or DHA, a family of omega 3 (mackerel, salmon, seafood, herring, rapeseed oil, nuts) and arachidonic acid, a family of omega 6 ( vegetable oils and meats), whose deficiencies impair vision and learning abilities, are needed.

The gray matter needs to feed at night. Animal proteins (eggs, fish, seafood, meat) are involved in the production of neuromediators between neurons. The iron (black pudding, mussels, shrimps), allows good oxygenation of the brain.

In Summary – How to Increase Brain Power and Memory?

1. Use the non-dominant hand for routine tasks such as brushing, combing, eating, writing, and moving the mouse, thereby stimulating the neurons of the non-dominant hemisphere and thus stimulating the other half of the brain.

2. At least once a week, have fun with games about brain thought logic – such as puzzles, chess, sudoku, or crosswords to stimulate neurons.

3. If we are very logical and rational, that is to say, using the left hemisphere a lot, we can stimulate the artist who is inside: to sing, paint, to do something creative to stimulate the connections on the right side.

4. Close the eyes and feel that one can do daily activities such as showering or eating so as to stimulate the other senses.

5. Put away the calculator and go back to pencil and paper to do simple math exercises.

6. The brain has autopilot and uses the same neurons, so if you want to keep a young, strong, and intelligent brain, change and search for new roads, dress differently, change the furniture, or anything.

7. Do not forget that when we are sad, depressed, or with negative emotions, cortisol is released into the bloodstream, which decreases the blood circulation to the brain, we get tired more easily and we do not have the same agility.

8. Use memory, save faces, names, phones, addresses, and even tasks.

9. Exercise, eat well, and have enough sleep.

10. Start programming and repeat yourself over and over again: “I am very intelligent, I have a very good memory, and every day I am getting better and better.”

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