What are your wishes when you think about your future eternal wedding rings? Are you focusing more on design, style, diamonds, or unique wedding rings?

The choice of wedding ring plays a special role in the wedding plan. To some, besides choosing a wedding dress, musicians and a photographer, it is even the most important, as wedding rings will always be worn with you and will be remembered forever, not only on your wedding day but on your whole love story.
Maybe you’ve already thought about it, maybe you are a lover of jewelry and a connoisseur of recent trends, but perhaps with countless different and shiny rings, you are meeting for the first time, and you are not dreaming of any one of your own. At weddingincana website, we’ve come up with some tips to help you choose the right wedding rings.

Several Factors Influence the Choice of Your Perfect and Eternal Wedding Rings:Eternal Wedding Rings

– the nature of your work (or you work a lot with your hands, your fingers would be very exposed to different chemicals, etc.);
– lifestyle;
– a ring intended for a “wedding budget”;
– the taste of the individual.

In the beginning, most couples go out to look for inspiration on the World Wide Web. There, the horizon extends beyond what are the current trends, different styles, shapes, color combinations, finishes (gloss, matt, brushed, forged look, …), channels, patterns, and the incorporation of various gemstones (diamonds, sapphires, rubies, …).

Weddingincana Presents Some Different Styles:

– To Each His Own

More and more couples are moving away from the classic choice of identical wedding rings. Their taste is different, and they want each of them to have a unique ring.

Women love the style of the ring, which we call Eternity – diamonds or other precious stones set around a ring in a continuous line, symbolizing the infinity and solidity of a love affair.
At Eternity, however, care must be taken to determine the size correctly since it cannot be reduced/enlarged later. For its variants, with stones up to 1/4, 1/3, half, or 3/4 of a ring, this problem is not present.

For the most part, men opt for classic shapes and, increasingly, for two-tone combinations. They do not need to relinquish the brilliance that precious stones bring, like wedding rings with black diamonds, which are also very popular.

– A Hidden Red Thread

But what if you like different rings but still want the same in style?
Some shapes summarize the red thread of design in both feminine and masculine fashion. The two rings seem to be different, but when placed side by side, their connection is more than obvious. Their secret, as well as your love story, is known only to you.

– A Stylish Identical or Similar Wedding Rings

The rings may be exactly the same or different in tiny details. It may have some diamond added; it may have a different surface. Both, however, clearly show the connection.

– Completely Unique Wedding Rings

However, if you do not find precisely the kind of wedding rings you want and desire their unique design, we suggest custom manufacturing. You can tell them your wishes, different details that you like and want to combine. Next, they create a 3D outline for you to get a better idea of how the finished rings look. When you agree on all the details of the look, the rings can go into production, and these will really only be your own

What About the Material?

The rings can be 585/000 or 750/000 gold, yellow, pink, white, or a combination of these. They can also be platinum and titanium.

Whatever wedding rings you choose, take the time to think and look through examples online. You go for different styles of rings because sometimes we like the design on the picture more than then on the hand and vice versa. Many times it happens that the ring, to which we did not pay special attention in the pictures, is even more beautiful on the hand.

The weddingincana team wishes you all the best on your journey together.

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By (author)  Sam Siv

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