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Reflection on the Existence of God – General Introduction

This is a subject that brings into conflict not only the world of thinkers but also the world of believers. This is the existence of God.The Existance of God

I hear some people say, ” God does not exist. Or, there is no God. Or even there is no God Creator. ”

On the other hand, other people perceive God as ” a supernatural force ” and not as a being, a living person. Or even for them, God is in nature, or ” he can be objectified ” (God is just an element of the Universe). These often infer that man himself is a god, and therefore his own god.

That’s not all, there is a group too who argues that God existed before, but this is no longer the case today.

Many Believe in the Existence of God

But many believe not only in the existence of God and perceive God as a being, a living person. As for them, the world had a beginning, a supreme Creator who is Eternal. Many of these people believe that the Creator God of the universe and of human lives forever; He is the one who has revealed himself to humanity through the Bible, the (66-Books) Holy Scripture.

However, there is something that intrigues me in those who deny the existence of a God Creator, Eternal, and Supreme. It is because they speak of the non-existence of God, but rare is that they mention the question of the existence of Satan, Lucifer, the devil. Did you make that remark too? It is very rare to see men wanting to show that Satan exists or not. Is not this fact interpellant?

Another thing, whether believers, skeptics, atheists: It is that in bad times especially, it happens that we exclaim thus, for example: ” Oh God! … What have I done? ”  Or  ” O Jesus! … Why is it me?  “. Who in his life, in one way or another has ever uttered such an exclamation?

Well, dear readers, until then you have noticed just as I do that the question of the existence of God is such a related problem. That’s why in this atmosphere of controversy, I decided to focus my pen on this subject that affects more than one. Hence the title of my article: Reflection on the existence of God.
the existence of God
When it comes to addressing the issue of the existence of God, our reflection always leads us to ask questions about God.

Questions About God

Is God real to you? Do you worship the same God as the revealed God in the pages of the Bible? Have you ever wondered if God exists? Can you be sure? Can you prove it? Is there an actual God, or are there many gods? Is the idea that there is one God the product of the human imagination? Is it essential to believe in God or not?

These are some of the most critical questions. It is sad to see, in our modern world, that we know better the content of television programs, the private lives of famous people and the table of the performances of professional athletes than regards God!

The men of our modern world are more focused on scientific research and theories. Science seems to be seen as a religion or source of knowledge that responds precisely to the crucial questions common to all people. Yet, the more Science has been considered as such, the more deviations it has made. Indeed, we find that Science has made progress, but I say it loud and clear “limited and clumsy advances” especially in spirituality. […]

Do you believe in the Existence of God?

While millions of people claim to believe in God, God is just not real to them. Is God real to you? Is the God whom you venerate The One revealed in the pages of the Bible? Is it possible that your perception of God was conceived by the thought of men? Will the doubt and skepticism that infiltrate our society have succeeded in influencing your ideas about God? Today, many people find it difficult to find reliable answers about God.

You will probably be surprised to discover how sophisticated and educated our modern world has been for the answer to the most critical questions in life! The truth about the real God has been perverted and stifled – not only by atheist philosophers and secular scientists but by misguided theologians! Although outrageous, this statement corresponds precisely to what the Bible predicted, supported by verifiable historical facts, as we will see in our reflection.

I am personally addressing you as you read this article: Do you have the real feeling of finding solid answers about God? Are you ready to let yourself be instructed on the True God? However, it would be better if we first sought to understand the origin of skepticism and doubts about the existence of God.

We will begin the argumentation of our reflection by trying to answer these questions: How is it that the God of the universe is not real to most people today? Why so much skepticism and doubt about God?

For the continuation of our article entitled ‘ Reflection on the Existence of God ‘ and especially for the answer to these two previous questions, please click on the following link: REFLECTION ON THE EXISTENCE OF GOD: ORIGIN OF SCEPTICISM.

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