The relationship is not a fairy tale. That’s why I’ve put together five relationship advice for women and men that may come in handy if you are struggling.

We often understand an intimate relationship as an environment where honey and milk are straining. Even in fairy tales, the story usually ends with the newlyweds living happily ever after until the end of their days. Unfortunately, the truth is a bit different.

What do Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos, Bill, and Melinda Gates have in common? All the listed (former) couples have recently (more or less pompously) split up. And all these couples are proving that fame and money are not necessarily necessary conditions for a successful relationship. All can often look awesome on the outside, but the relationship is rotten on the inside.

Five Relationship Advice for Women and MenRelationship advice for women and men can bring you long-term benefits.

1. Other People Can’t Make You Happy

The only thing that matters is listening to your heart and following it. To find what fulfills you internally in connection with the Higher. This principle also applies to those who want a relationship and will not expect too much from the relationship. With excessive expectations and bitterness, we radiate negative energy from ourselves because we do not have a partner, which drives away potential partners rather than attracts them. If a man is at peace with himself and tries to live happily regardless of whether he has a partner or not, he will be satisfied and happy and radiate a positive vibration from himself. And that’s the only thing that counts, with or without a partner. If we’re happy with ourselves, then it doesn’t really matter whether we have a partner or not.

2. Goodwill Is Best

Joy can be the most we can give to a partner or even to other people. This means that we have an attitude most of the time to have an open heart (instead of nerdiness, constipation, depression, resentment, (). This rule also applies to those who have partners and those who do not. Goodwill always ignites. If you are without a partner and you are in a good mood, you will radiate positive energy that will attract potential partners. Who would want to go into a relationship (or stay in a partnership) with someone who always has a frowning face? The question, however, is how to maintain goodwill.

3. Diversity Enriches Us

Many people want to tailor (re-educate) their partners. This is Sisyphus’ work, which has been doomed to failure from the very beginning. The most crucial thing in a partnership is to value yourself and your partner as they are. If both partners were the same, they would not be able to learn from each other. The partnership is dedicated to mutual learning and personal growth. Unconditional acceptance is the path to an open heart. And in the partnership, we have a lot of opportunities to grow in this sense.

4. A Relationship Is Giving and Learning

Everyone contributes as much as they can. In a relationship, you must contribute as much as you can. You have to be interested in learning from your partner. Many people understand a relationship in a way that their partner will pamper them, but they alone will not contribute much. In my experience, such relationships often end in divorce or severe problems. In the first place in a relationship is giving and not receiving. A relationship in which both partners are willing to give can be very lively and high-quality.

5. A Relationship Grows Through Open Communication

How do you feel if you can’t express yourself? Probably uncomfortable. What happens if we sweep the trash under the rug? Sooner or later, we will stumble upon them. And in a partnership, situations must be clarified on an ongoing basis. Everyone expresses how he experiences the matter and that they do not blame each other. It is expected that different people (especially different genders) look at situations differently. That is why it is all the more critical that the partners talk honestly and tend to resolve disagreements, not to prove their rightness. In a partnership, you have to decide whether you want to have a good time or want to be right.

Here is another simple trick to improve mutual communication. It is good to observe ourselves and try to find out in which situations our blood pressure rises. Once we figure out which situations are getting on our nerves, we can start practicing acceptance. Whenever a situation arises that we can not accept, we try to calm down. Take a few deep breaths and release the negative emotion (or thoughts) that appear in such situations. Deep breathing has magical powers. It helps us let go of thoughts for a moment and connect with the supernatural. This allows us to dissolve the unhealthy sample gradually.

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