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Five Reasons Why Marriage Is Important

Marriage is a groundbreaking event that affects one’s life and changes it radically. So let us mention five reasons why marriage is important.

Newlyweds, who start a life of marriage after marriage, face a whole host of innovations – from surname and place of residence to the perception of themselves as part of the whole. Most notable, however, are personal and legal changes. What are the most important reasons for marriage?

1. Building a New Community Is Among the Most Important Reasons Why Marriage Is ImportantTo Build a New Community Is Among the First Reasons Why Marriage Is Important

The marriage connects partners to the community. People sometimes question whether we are capable of a quality relationship with another person all our lives. Fear of marriage can arise from an over-attachment to parents and a reluctance to make their own decisions and from the feeling that we are losing our freedom and right to dispose of our time. At the same time, the marriage also connects the partners to the community – they become their own families.

2. Creating a New Family

Marriage can really give partners a sense of security, solidity, stability, deeper connection, and a sense of being able to rely on someone. With marriage, we get a life-long travel companion who will be with us in luck and misfortune – all of which is a great base for starting a family and raising children.

A great turning point in life, such as marriage, is definitely an event that requires some psychic preparation. Newlyweds may feel anxious about leaving home, leaving their primary family, and creating a new one. However, marriage also brings feelings of joy and magic and, above all, unity and connection with a partner. However, it should be borne in mind that simply marrying is much easier than spending the rest of your life with someone. A good marriage requires daily effort, while the wedding ceremony itself is a unique event.

Definition of marriage

Marriage is based on a free choice to marry, mutual emotional attachment, mutual respect, understanding, trust, and mutual assistance. In marriage, both spouses are equal.

3. Legal Changes

From a legal point of view, there are many changes when entering a marriage. But extramarital cohabitation (the long-lived life of a couple who are about to get married) has quite similar effects as marriage. At least property law (inheritance, common property) has very similar effects.

4. Marital Property

The property which the spouse holds at the time of the marriage remains his property, and disposes of it independently. However, property acquired by the spouses through work during the marriage is their common property. In the event of the marriage being dissolved or annulled, the joint property shall be divided equally, and the spouses may prove that they contributed to the joint property in a different correlation.

5. Inheritance

In the event of the death of one of the spouses, the property of the deceased spouse is inherited. It may be inherited by law or by will. If the deceased spouse made a will (and gave the property to a third party), the decedent’s spouse nevertheless receives the necessary share (unless that person cannot inherit). The legal inheritance, however, divides the deceased’s property equally between his spouse and their children.

In this article, we have mentioned only five essential reasons why marriage is important. Of course, there are many more. Such as the promotion of oneness or higher purpose to your life, but all we can narrow it all down to the five fundamental reasons why marriage is important. We could also mention love. But love is a condition and not a reason.

You can find a more biblical point of view on our need for love and its expression in marriage in this book.

The Meaning of Marriage: Facing the Complexities of Marriage with the Wisdom of God

By (author)  Timothy Keller

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