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Depression Alert, Suicide Alert!

This post is a poem written by the poet Thomson Dablemond, taken from volume 2 of his collection ” Melodies of the Soul”

He/She cries out from his latent coma :
My life, a nightmare
My existence, a waste of time
My presence, a non-place
My loved ones, a poison.
He/She cries out in the silence of his/her guilt :
They look at me with an evil eye
My act is unforgivable
My thoughts are against me
My emotions devastate me.
He/She cries out under the weight of life :
The sky is falling on me with fury
The earth engulfs me mercilessly
My bones let go over the water
The shadow of death advances over me.
He/She cries out from the depths of despair:
The salt is bitter in my mouth
The sugar is hot in my stomach
Life has become foreign to me
This world denies me, my world denies me.
Immersed in a mental abyss :
Their thoughts sink into chaos
The light of life is fading in their mental universe
Vulnerable, abandoned, misunderstood…
They reach out a desperate hand to death.
Are Legions on the suicide highway…

Alert ! Alert ! They need help
Just a comforting word, an act of love
Just a beneficent presence, an attentive ear
Just effective awareness, actions of hope.
Help, help, save them!
They don’t need to be blamed
They want to be understood and considered
They want to be forgiven and rescued
Another chance, they deserve it!
Tell your friend he can trust you
Tell your sister you’re there for her,
Tell your fellow man that he can count on you,
Tell your parent that your arms are open to him,
Tell the suicide victim that you want to see him alive.
Suicides, we mourn you!
Suicidals, realize that life is precious
Suicide is not an option
Suicide is an unforgivable mistake
Together, let’s stop suicide.

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