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Good Daily Habits and Routines – Why They Usually Fail

When we try to acquire good daily habits and routines, we may not always succeed. More often than not, you use the practice for a week and then get tired of it. Even though your mind wants to develop this habit, you cannot stay committed to it. Have you ever wondered why? You probably make one or more of these five mistakes when developing a new idea.

Trying to Develop Too Many Good Daily Habits and Routines at OnceWhen we try to acquire daily good habits routines, we may not always succeed.

Remember, the small things make a huge difference when it comes to developing habits, routines, and other things in life. Never try to teach too many habits in your life at the same time. This will lead to confusion, fatigue, and lack of motivation. Start with one single habit and dedicate at least six months to it. Once it becomes a routine, you can try to develop another habit.

Having an Unreasonable Target for Yourself

If you wish to acquire a new pattern, you should always start by developing a little practice. For example, if you want to walk 20000 steps every day to lose weight, you should start with 5000 steps. This is a far reasonable and achievable target. Starting with 20k straightaway can quickly make you lose motivation because body fatigue sets in.

Not Being Patient With Results of Good Daily Habits and Routines

After a few days of practice, most of us stop a habit because we don’t see the desired results. Not being patient is one of the biggest mistakes you can commit when you are developing a habit. A habit is a new process that your body and mind need to get adjusted to. Therefore, it will take time for the results to get delivered. You should only focus on being consistent with a particular habit and doing it every single day without any excuse or procrastination.

Not Giving Enough Focus to Your Environment

You may try as much as you can to develop a new habit; however, you will not see the desired results if you haven’t changed your environment. When you are surrounded by negativity, you cannot develop a positive habit. So, work on your environment first. If you want to acquire a new practice, such as yoga, at a particular time, you must keep your mobiles and other gadgets away from you so that you aren’t distracted by them.

Not Valuing the Importance of the Small Changes

Any top cricketer in the world, who has many centuries to their credit, will tell you the vital role that the singles and double runs played in their career. The small things add up and go on to make a massive difference in your life. For example, even if you cannot walk for 5k steps a day, you could start with 1000 steps a day. This will keep your body active to an extent and give you the motivation to keep increasing your target. Never underestimate the importance of these small achievements because the bigger ones aren’t possible without thee.

Next time, when you are trying to develop a new habit, we hope you will keep these points in mind to avoid any setbacks.

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