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Control Your Lucid Dreams With Various Tricks

Be aware that you can control your lucid dreams with various tricks. Here you can read some tips on how to consciously and at will extend your lucid dreams.

Be careful when turning. Also, be mindful of spinning or falling in a dream because when you stop spinning or hitting the ground, you will find yourself in a completely different place, and you may lose lucidity. If you feel that the dream is ‘shaking’ or will soon disappear, look down into the earth, visualize your surroundings, and remember that you are dreaming.

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You Can Control Your Lucid Dreams by Checking Your Dream Diarycontrol your lucid dreams

If you start noticing patterns in your dreams, you will notice dream signs or certain things that keep reappearing in your dreams. It can be as basic as any dream in your backyard, or it can have all your dream fans. Get used to checking your dreams every time you see your dream sign, and eventually, you will see your dream sign. In a dream, take a check and realize that you are dreaming.

When You Recognize That You Are Dreaming a Dream

A lucid dream appears when you recognize that you are dreaming a dream. Lucidity usually begins in the middle of a dream when the dreamer recognizes that the adventure is not occurring in physical reality. Often this actualization is activated by a dreamer when he notices in a dream some impossible or unlikely phenomenon, such as meeting someone from far away in a foreign place, flying, or creating objects with the mind. Occasionally individuals become lucid without detecting any particular sign. Some lucid dreams are even the result of returning to REM sleep directly from an awakening with uninterrupted reflective consciousness.

Quality of Lucidity

The basic definition of lucid dreaming is the awareness that you are dreaming. However, the quality of lucidity is different. When lucidity is at a heightened grade, you realize that everything you have experienced in a dream is happening in your mind, that there is no danger in anything you do, and that you are sleeping in bed. When lucidity is low, you may be a little aware that you are dreaming, maybe enough to do an act that would be impossible in waking life, but not enough to be aware that you could be hurt or that you are actually asleep.

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