In this article, you can read all about Christianity and psychology. Since the dawn of time, men have always sought to know the universe, and especially the human organism. This human curiosity and this aspiration to knowledge will push the human being of studies in studies, researches in researches, reflections in reflections, theories in theories, and finally, sciences will be born. This is how we will have the human sciences. The one we will be looking at in this article.Christianity and Psychology

The human sciences will devote themselves to studying man in general. And among so many human sciences, science will be given the mission to be interested in the study of human behavior: Psychology.

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Christianity and Psychology – A True Christian View

The question of psychology and Christianity is a significant topic that interests more than one. If there is a ” philosophy ” that has penetrated Christianity – is introduced, settle, and gaining momentum. Today, it is not rare to see how this human science, Psychology has finally impacted the beliefs, the doctrines, the relations between the Christian and God. This impact was so manifest in Christianity that a certain Psychology came into being: ” Christian Psychology.”

It is therefore right that we dedicate our pen to this crucial subject: Christianity and Psychology.
But what does the Bible say about Christian and Psychology? Can we reconcile this Psychology with Biblical content? Does the Bible reject Psychology? What does the Bible teach us about human behavior?
These are some of the questions that will be our focus. About the author, Thomson Dablemond invites you to follow him in the argumentation of this article.

I – A Human Religion Under the Scientific Banner

1 – Psychology: A Subtle Plan of the Devil to Mislead Humans

For thousands of years, Satan has studied the faculties of the human mind and has come to know them. By his subtle maneuvers in these last days, he unites the human spirit to his spirit by imbuing it with his own thoughts. […] Thus, the great seducer hopes to disturb the minds of humans to the point that only his voice will be heard.
Satan continually seeks to influence human minds by the subtlety of his wiles. The plans and wiles of Satan solicit us from all sides.
It is in this sense that the devil makes lousy use of sciences dealing with the human mind. Satan slipped into the sciences relating to the human spirit. Through phrenology, psychology, and mesmerism; he comes into direct contact with our generation.

This is why the sciences that deal with the human mind, in particular, Psychology, are greatly extolled. Satan’s goal in using his sciences is to destroy virtue and lay the foundations for spiritualism.
The more men rely on them and not on God, the more easily they become prey to the subtle temptations of the great seducer, Satan. And this is the goal pursued by the devil trying to make clear that he is capable of being self-sufficient, of guiding himself, of realizing himself, of giving meaning to his life.

Through Modern Psychology, Satan has received to men that they possess the knowledge and power necessary to guide their lives.

Satan has given himself the task of pushing the human being to magnify himself, to learn to count only on himself, to oppose the idea of a supreme and sovereign being from whom he must depend for his well-being. From another angle, by the human sciences, Satan has given himself the task of putting human beings in the mind that they are gods: they are potentialities, capacities to know everything, and especially to live without God.

Psychology, in this sense, has presented itself as the philosophy of fighting Christianity. But how did we come to the psychology that Satan uses to deceive humans? Indeed, since Occultism was quickly rejected by the Christian milieu, it was necessary to change phase, and this is apparently what we have witnessed. Satan has changed his method and suggestion: hence the passage from occultism to modern psychology, although occultism still exists today.

2 – From Occultism to Modern Psychology

It is not a coincidence that modern psychology has, from the beginning, resorted to occult techniques. As Christians were on guard against occultism, which is relatively easy to spot and reject, the enemy chose a method to infiltrate more subtly and efficiently, in the form of science.

In his fight against Christianity, Satan being cunning, he will opt for clever insinuations rather than direct attacks. For him, the best way to achieve his ends is to present himself to the fallen and miserable man in the form of an angel of light. It was necessary to approach Christianity most subtly. Hence, the passage from occultism to Modern Psychology.

Under this deceptive appearance, he acts on the human mind to divert them from the right path. Besides, he intends to destroy in many minds all true faith in Jesus Christ the Messiah, the Son of God.

Did you make that remark? It is because the founders of Psychology have engaged in Eastern religions and various forms of occultism, but all their false science is inspired mainly by the thought of the New Age.

3 – From Modern Psychology to Humanism.

What is Humanism? It is a philosophical doctrine centered on the interest of men and humanity, which values the human first. In other words, humanism consists in putting one’s faith in the human.
Just like, Communism was the religion of anti-religion! For Communism, God did not exist and placed man at the center of his philosophy. Today, it is the same for Psychology, especially in the West. It has become a real religion that of the humanism of the world and philosophy centered on Man.

I invite you to consider this doctrine and belief of Humanism:

Humanism is a philosophy that claims that man can solve his own problems. In other words, the humanism of the world believes that man is the master of his destiny and that there is no problem that he cannot solve, whatever his difficulty. For humanism, all the answers are in man.
… Like most humanists, Alfred Adler, Abraham Maslow, Erich Fromm, and others, consider that the foundation of human nature is good and worthy and that it is capable of change and improvement. All these men are absolute proponents of a humanistic conception of man. They consider the man as perfect in himself. For them, man does not need God.

In fact, their vision of man is entirely humanistic. At best, their psychological concepts are nothing but a humanist religion.
They regard man as a self-sufficient being who needs no outside influence. Such is the vision of man and his nature that gives us Psychology. A large part of psychologists espouses humanism.

4 – Psychology Is a Human Opinion About Human Behavior

It is deplorable to say so, but we affirm that Psychology is not a science, but an opinion forged by men seeking to explain human behavior. In reality, these are just opinions based on a few observations, sometimes embellished with some brilliant ideas. It is even painful to even between psychologists to admit that psychology is a reliable science.
Satan uses psychology to send a man to reason. It is a way for the devil to put human thoughts above Biblical teachings.

If we study to take a closer look at Modern Psychology concerning Christianity, in the light of the Bible, we will see that there is opposition both at the level of worship, of faith, and of the relationship between Christ and the Christian. Let’s discover this opposition now.

II – Opposition Between Christianity and Psychology

Scripture says, “Beware lest anyone should make you pray to philosophy and vain deceit, based on the tradition of men, on the rudiments of the world, and not on Christ.” (Colossians 2: 8).

1 – Christianity and Psychology on the Question of Worship

Psychology is centered on man, while the Gospel is centered on Christ. There is all the difference!

• Psychology, the religion of the Adoration of the “Me” or the “Self.”

The focus is on self-realization: self-realization, self-image, self-accomplishment, self-esteem, self-worth, self-improvement. In short, the God of this “science” is the SELF or the ME. It’s the religion of self-worship! It is self-centered. Only the man himself is exalted, elevated, placed in the foreground.
Psychology is centered on the ME and nourishes human pride, rebellion, and the flesh. For psychology, through humanism, men must rely on themselves. They must put their trust in the flesh. Psychology advocates narcissism: the cult of the self.
Psychology seems to distance the creature from its creator.
Do you know? Self-love is a sin, and one of the most important signs of the last days, as shown by the books of 2 Timothy 3: 1-5.

• Christianity, the Religion of the Adoration of Christ.

The Bible asks us to renounce ourselves and the flesh, to follow the Spirit with humility, submitting ourselves to God. The Christian is called to rely on Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ must be his foundation, the one in whom he must put his trust – the one he is to rely on. Christ is the center of Christianity. Yes, worship and glory in true Christianity must be given to Christ. In biblical Christianity, we are called to depend on Christ (John 15: 5). Jesus Christ must be the center of our worship. Jesus must come to the forefront of our lives, our priorities.

A Scripture-based Christianity will know that the Bible requires us to love God first, and then our neighbor (see Matthew 22: 36-39). She does not ask us to love ourselves. On the contrary, she asks us to renounce ourselves, to take up our cross, and to follow Jesus (Luke 9:23).

2 – Christianity and Psychology on the Question of Human Nature

• For Modern Psychology: man, by nature, is excellent and perfect.

Modern Psychology is rooted in humanism, for which man is intrinsically good. Psychology thus teaches that the problems of men are caused mainly by their environment and education, not by the nature of sin which they inherited at birth.
For modern psychology, men are nothing but victims of their own past, or human relationships, or circumstances. If not, the man in himself is excellent. This part of philosophy tries to justify the nature of man and contradicts the biblical narrative about the sinful nature of man. […]

• For the Bible: Men are all sinners and sin works in us.

In his teachings to humans, Jesus did not fail to hurt their self-esteem even more, by telling them that they were sinners, rebellious and evil and that there was nothing good about them. The Bible states:

” The fool says in his heart, There is no God! They corrupted themselves, they committed offensive actions; there is none who does good. The LORD from heaven looks on the sons of men, to see if there is anyone who is intelligent, who seeks God. All are lost, all are perverted; There is none who does good, not even one. ” Psalms 14: 1-3.
Since the sin of Adam and Eve, the human race has fallen. The prophet Isaiah, from the Lord, describes the human condition in these terms:
” … The whole head is sick, and all the heart is suffering. From the sole of the foot to the head, nothing is in good condition: it is only wounds, bruises, and bruises … ” – Isaiah 1: 5-6.
Since the sin of Adam and Eve, all their descendants born of a fruit of a man and a woman are therefore sinners from birth. As the psalmist can say in these words: ” Behold, I was born in iniquity. And my mother conceived me in sin. ” – Psalm 51: 6.
By the way, it says in Romans 6:23 that all have sinned …

Jesus does not treat us as victims, but as sinners who need a Savior. While Psychology treats us as victims and proposes human solutions. The solution we really need is Christ in our lives, in our hearts.
It is with many tears in my eyes that I see how the so-called “Christian Psychology ” in addition to gaining ground, but misleads more than one. You, who read this article, I invite you to open your eyes to this unhealthy philosophy harming Christianity.

III – Modern Psychology in Christianism: Christian Psychology.

One of Satan’s exploits in Christianity is the entry of Modern Psychology into Christianity. And this led to a new doctrine, a new gospel, a new commandment: ” The Gospel of the Self.”
Modern psychology and the “ Ego Gospel ” are categorically opposed to biblical teachings.

Let us observe what is taught by the ” Gospel of the Self  ” born of narcissism through humanism:

1 – The Self-esteem of Modern Psychology in Christianity

By this false gospel, the ” Gospel of the Self  ” or the “ Ego Gospel ” It was as if we had added to the Bible a new commandment: ” Love yourself first, which will then allow you to love God and your next”! When you have satisfied all your personal needs, then you will be able to satisfy those of others! ”
Well! Exactly! Some Christian psychologists claim that one cannot love God and one’s neighbor if one does not love oneself first. To esteem God and others, it is claimed that one must first esteem oneself at its real value!
One of the iconic figures of so-called ” Christian Psychology ” is James Dobson, who like most other Christian psychologists, insists on the need for Christians to first satisfy their own need for self-esteem before they can progress.

This kind of teaching gives place to egoism, egocentrism.

Again, there is a stark contrast. For never egoism and egocentrism have been encouraged by Biblical Christianity. If we accept true biblical Christianity, we will understand that we are called to practice humility, not to be presumptuous or proud.
In truth, Biblical Christianity teaches us that man must first love God and consider others to be superior to himself. […] The Bible asks us to esteem others more than ourselves.
Therefore, Christians should aspire and practice the virtue of humility, fleeing egoism and egocentrism. The Christian must follow the example of Christ. Christ thought of us first, our salvation.

Dear reader, as you go to the next point, please keep these questions in mind: Should we love ourselves, or give up ourselves? Should we improve ourselves, or put to death our carnal self?

IV – Christianity and Psychology in the Light of the Bible

With force, we call this heresy: “Christian Psychology” heresy, which tends to exalt the creature and not the Creator. It is high time that we understand that men for their life, for their healing, for their well-being must continuously depend on God. No man understands himself. No man is self-sufficient. No man has the power to transform, to change his interior, because of his sinful nature.
What we all have to do is to go to Christ answering his call. Yes, the voice of God is heard, and his hand is stretched continuously towards us. The Human Sciences can claim to say to study the man; but in reality, only God, the Creator of mankind knows his creature better and thoroughly.
May psychology stop luring man through his approach to humanism and narcissism.

1 – Christianity and Psychology, a Disguised Heresy

In the biblical light, our problem is not to become aware of our personal worth, but to realize our natural depravity.

Here is a truth that must continuously remain in the mind of each of us: “God loves me despite what I am, not because of who I am. Yes, that’s the thought we must have. God loves the sinner [the human being, his creature], but it’s instead of the sin he hates.

The idea that you must first love yourself before you can love God and your neighbor is the greatest of all lies! For the Lord tells us that “no one can hate himself.” The problem does not lie in low self-esteem, or in the fact that we do not love ourselves.

It is quite natural to love oneself! The Bible tells us about the need to love others.

She does not tell us that we have to wait until we are filled with self-love to start sharing our love with others!

One thing we must not ignore: He who is satisfied with himself will not be able to realize his true spiritual condition before God, nor to come to Christ. Likewise, a self-satisfied Christian will probably not need the Lord much. Take the example of the parable of Jesus Christ in the book of Luke 18: 10-14.

In Luke 18: 10-14, the Pharisee was pleased not to be like all other men. He had extreme self-esteem! He fasted and gave his tithes. But the publican near him was beating his breast and asking God to pardon him… Self-esteem is always accompanied by one’s own justice and seduction! It does not lead men to Christ, but to apostasy!
It is in this sense that we qualify as “Christian” Psychology as heresy.

“Christian” Psychology, in fact, diverts Christians from the true Gospel to lead them into another gospel.

The problem of man is no longer centered on sin and rebellion. It has become a problem of poor self-image, or a problem caused by birth trauma, a bad father, or other reasons. It’s the fault of drugs, alcohol, or our homosexual tendencies … The goal is to clear our ME, to make someone else responsible. We want to transfer our guilt!

However, only God, by His revealed Word, and by the work of His Son, holds the solution of all the problems of man. While Psychology is only a human attempt to explain, understand, and solve the problems of the human condition, but in fact discarding Jesus Christ.

So many are those whose Modern Psychology has been removed from Christ. And finally, they end up giving up the work of the Holy Spirit!

“Christian” Psychology, similar to humanism and narcissism, is leaven in the dough. She is an atheist, and empty of anything that can be spiritually good. She prepares society for the reign of Antichrist. By infiltrating into the Church, she perverts it completely.

In fact, psychology, by accepting practices like hypnosis, visualization, and some forms of meditation, has opened not only to the New Age but to demonic powers! As soon as we allowed Psychology to enter the Church, we opened ourselves up to a ” worldview ” that completely opposed everything we should be defending. It gradually transforms us, seduces us, and perverts us.

2 – Christianity and Psychology, Another Form of Pagan Religion

Psychology is only a pagan religion. Psychology presents us with its own vision of man. For her, man is endowed with the infinite faculty of being able to solve all his problems alone. She strives to diagnose and treat the problems of fallen humanity, but without God. She wants to find a reason for the problems of the man by putting forward his environment, but especially not his nature of sin and his need of a Savior.

For what reason would we want to mix in pure Christianity this anti-biblical and confused human system?

General Conclusion on Christianity and Psychology

It is good to note that we are not condemning all the disciplines of Psychology. But when we simply say that when we want to Christianize Psychology and use it as a solution to spiritual problems, that’s where we make a big mistake. And from this point of view, Psychology is lacking.

For with the humanism and narcissism advocated by Psychology, it is clear that in this sense it is diametrically opposed to Biblical Christianity. It is within this framework that it is impossible to reconcile Psychology.

Let men know because Christianity is only based on Jesus Christ and his Word (the Bible). Psychology must not substitute Christ and the Holy Scriptures.

It is deplorable to note today that Psychology is seen as a religion in the same way as Christianity. That psychology is content to be a discipline, but it has no place in Christianity insofar as it is initiated in Christianity.

Admittedly, these remarks will be unpleasant for some followers and fanatics, but it is wise to remind the branch of Psychology called ” Christian Psychology ” is nothing but heresy and apostasy.

Certainly, psychology, in another field could be useful.

But when it comes to spiritual matters, especially those related to Christianity, Psychology has no place. Pity! Under these circumstances, the devil uses this philosophical part, this discipline to subtly mislead believers to remove them from the true faith and Christ.

An alarming report is obvious to us: The Human Sciences will be able to make progress in the eyes of their followers, but they will never manage to answer the real human problems. They can open several branches, develop several theories, methods, approaches: all this will be in vain. Do you want to know why? O you who read this article, it is time that you open your eyes wide: The problems that humanity encounters have their origin in the sinful nature of man.

The psalmist rightly exclaimed:

” Behold, I was born in iniquity, and my mother conceived me in sin. But you want the truth to be in your heart. So let your wisdom penetrate me! Purify me with hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow … O, God! Created in me a pure heart, renew in me a well-disposed spirit. Do not reject me far from your face, Do not take away your holy spirit. Give me the joy of your salvation, And let a spirit of goodwill sustain me. I will teach your ways to those who transgress them, and sinners will come back to you. ” Psalm 51: 6-7, 11-14.

In the words of the Psalmist, we can see the crux of the problem of the human condition, including the remedy that is found only in God. Only God can restore the fallen condition of man. Never will psychology or the other human sciences solve the real problem of men, the spiritual one. The solution of humanity in Jesus Christ. He is the one humanity needs. Christians need Christ only and not so-called “Christian” Psychology. Our hope lies in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, in His coming. Yes, Jesus is coming back soon. Yes, in Jesus Christ, we will quickly find our first natural condition before the entry of sin.

If there is a psychology to which the Christian must adopt, it is indeed that which must consist in learning to keep his heart, his thoughts to glorify God.

For example, he is in the epistle to the Philippians: ” But brothers, that all that is true. All that is honorable, all that is just, all that is pure, all that is kind, all that is deserve approval, which is virtuous and worthy of praise, the object of your thoughts. ” (Philippians 4: 8) And the book of wisdom advises us: ” Keep your heart more than anything else because from it comes to the sources of life. ” (Proverbs 4:23).
However, psychology as human science cannot be reconciled with Christianity. Because, regarding beliefs, Christianity and Psychology do not agree  [as we have developed in the previous lines of this article].

I cannot stop the anchor of the pen of this article, without giving you any advice:

Trust the Bible and not the sciences. The Bible is and must be the milk and the spiritual food of every man.
Jesus Christ, the Bible, true Christianity have all the answers to questions related to humanity. Let yourself be taught and guided by the Holy Spirit, the spirit of truth. Let yourself be fashioned, molded by your Creator. Put your life in the hands of Christ. Accept Christ as Lord and Savior. Depend only on Christ. Live only through him, in him, for him, and with him.

May God, the father of spirits, the God of wisdom grant you his grace and illumine your understanding for the glory of his name, in the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!

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