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Beyond All, We Are All the Same!

Every man follows his path and his convictions. Yes, we are aware of all this: but beyond everything … we are all the same. […]

The issue betweenWe Are All the Same men is so important that could not be silent. It is in this sense that we dedicate the pen of this article. You who reads this article, do you want to know: If men are equal? Well, the author, Thomson Dablemond, invites you to read this blog devoted to the issue of equality between men and altruism.

Humans have populated the world. The man has spread all over the earth’s surface. This division has given rise to races, ethnicities, cultures, civilizations, beliefs relative to each continent. Notwithstanding that, we are all the same.
Certainly, we have Asians, Americans, Europeans, Africans, and Australians, but we are all the same beyond this racial difference. No matter skin color, nationality, ethnicity.
Every people has their culture and civilization. Even if some people consider their cultures and civilizations better than others, we are all the same in reality. The land has a multitude of languages and dialects. Even if it creates linguistic barriers between men: even men are all equal.
Every people to its belief and religion. Yes, beliefs, religions are diverse. And even if each religion seems to advocate that it is the ideal or the best, we are all the same.
We notice several socio-economic and socio-professional categories. We can make the difference between rich and poor – bourgeois and proletarians. Despite all, the men are all equal. All men do not have the same profession, the same job, the same art, the same work, the same concern to make a living. However, it does not change anything because men are all men.

Beauty Is Relative; We Are All the Same

” Beauty is relative; it is in the eyes of the one who is watching.” Every man is beautiful in his own way. Each man has a shape, a size of his own. Each in his own way to make use of his physical, moral, intellectual, spiritual faculties. Each in his own way of making use of his body, his soul, his spirit. Each man manages his time as he sees fit, according to his priorities and realities. Obviously! However, we are all the same: big as small, young as old, girls as boys. […]

Every man has his vision, that is, his way of seeing things and life. Each one to his tastes, his preferences, his priorities, his choices. Everyone to his ideologies, his conceptions. Everyone in his way of thinking, to decide. Every man has his ambitions, his projects. In this word, every man in his way of leading his life, as he sees fit, he thinks it, he wants it.

Life seems to make us understand that there are some and others. Life seems to make us accept in the minds of everyone: the idea of superiority or inferiority vis-à-vis others. The fact that life is made of ups and downs does not necessarily explain that men are unequal. Despite our differences in many areas, we declare that men are all equal. Do you want to know more?

God Created All the Same

Indeed, beyond all, equality between men is explained by the fact that they have points in common. Let’s explore the following common points.

♦ Men Were Created All Equal in the Eyes of God

God created all human beings with equality. This equality since the creation of man reflects the idea that God is just and equitable. Even though God has created each unique and special man, he did not put any inequality between men. “For before God, there is no acceptance of persons. ” (Romans 2:11).
This equality is explained by the fact that we have:
The same breath of life: no human being has a breath of life different from others.
The same blood: all men have the blood flowing in their veins. Our skin color or race does not change the color of our blood.
The same characteristics: all men feel the same natural and psychological needs.
The same basic functioning of the human organism: God created each man with the same organism and function.

♦ God Treats All the Same

In his relationships with men, God does not mean favoritism. Men among themselves consider their differences, their positions, but this is not the case for God. In the eyes of God, we are all equal. Since the sin of Adam and Eve, all men born of the fruit of a man and a woman are sinners. And God loved sinners, but not sin. Just to say that God loves all his creatures.
God is good to all men. The proof: ” He [God] makes his sun rise over the wicked and the good, and it rains upon the just and the unjust. ” (Matthew 5:45)
Even our enemies are not enemies of God. God does not hate those we hate. In fact, in God, no human being is more important, or greater, or superior to the other: All men are equal, so God treats them all with equity and equality.
The laws of nature apply to all men. No man escapes the laws of nature and life in general.


♦ An Appointment for the Common Man: Death

Rich or poor, big and small, thin and fat, free and slaves, literate and illiterate, young and old: no man is immortal. From the morgue to the cemetery, we realize that there is no difference between men. Death spares no man. There is still the case of the disease: any man can get sick. No one escapes the disease.

♦  A Fair Judgment for Every Soul

” … it is reserved for the man to die only once, after which judgment comes ” (Hebrews 9:27). All men will be judged on the same basis, criteria, and standards: the commandments of God. This is why Ecclesiastes 12: 15-16 says, ” Let’s hear the end of the speech: Fear God and keep his commandments. This is what every man must do. For God will bring every work into judgment, concerning all that is hidden, whether good or bad.  ”

♦  Salvation in Jesus Christ Available to All

The Sacrifice of Jesus Christ was made for all humanity without distinction. God gave His only son Jesus Christ to every people, every language, every tribe, every race. According to the Bible, the salvation of Jesus Christ is available to all humans; just accept Jesus Christ as Lord and personal Savior and walk in newness of life. Above all, the Bible declares: ” For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. ” (John 3:16). No matter your past, present situation, origins, sins, Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ gives you his hand. God’s longing is for all men to be saved (see 1 Timothy 2: 3-6 and Ezekiel 33:11).

Where Does the Idea of Inequality Between Men?

Men have lost sight of the original design of God. Since the entry of sin into the world, man’s heart has become twisted and perverted. The further away man is from God, the more he becomes a monster, a supporter of evil, a partner of the devil.
Confiding in himself and leaning on himself, man will be carried away by pride, presumption, arrogance. What will lead many people to:

Racism :

We define racism as a belief that one can categorize human beings into a series of races based on scientific physical criteria, especially when this is accompanied by a hierarchy, conscious or unconscious, between these races. Or, especially, racism is a political doctrine advocating the domination of a race (called pure or superior) over others (called impure or inferior). By practicing racism, we came to believe that men are unequal.

Discrimination :

Sociologically in Law, discrimination is seen as the unfavorable treatment of certain groups of people through the arbitrary reduction of their rights and contrary to the principle of equality in law.
The idea of associability and the loss of the notion of equality :
”  Man is a wolf to man, ” Said a thinker. In reality, men do not accept that they are equal. On the one hand, we are in a jungle where every man wants to assert himself and dominate. Men are hungry for power, prestige, honor. Yet, to rule, you need subjects and a leader. And this creates a strong imbalance between men. On the other hand, everyone seeks his interests. Everyone thinks about his well-being. The selfishness and egocentricity of the human being will cause him to think that he is above the other. This will allow the appearance of the idea of inequality between men.
It is clear that the notion of equality is also psychological. Inequalities between men are gaining ground because, on the one hand, people are over-valuing themselves, and on the other, people who are devaluing themselves.
However, God condemns everything that tends to fight equality between men. It should also be noted that it is the rejection of the concept of “equality” between men that has spawned apartheid, tribalism, segregation, segregationism …
One of the causes of the ills of our world is the refusal or misunderstanding of the notion of “equality among human beings.”

And If … the Concept of Equality Was Accepted and Understood?

The world and life will be pleasant: If the man accepted and understood that other people are equal to him. Suppose man accepted and understood that God created all human beings to live together in society if men considered themselves complementary to each other. You, the reader of this blog! Do you want to know the importance of acceptance and understanding of the notion of equality between men?
This will promote:

► Love Between Humans

If men admit their equality, it will be easy for them to love one another. It’s hard to love others when you think you’re different from us. As soon as we conceive the idea of inequality between ourselves and the Other, hatred occurs. Indeed, when we really love our neighbor, we break our egoism, our egocentrism – we accept it as it is – we see in others a part of ourselves.
According to God’s original plan for humanity, man did not have to see in another a wolf. Men had to love each other because there is not really a difference between men. Indeed, all men are brothers and sisters; they have the same ancestors: Adam and Eve. Is not there a more than valid reason to love each other since we are all equal?

► Peace and Joy of Life

If men accepted and truly understood their equality, men will not kill each other. The notion of “equality among men” implies that every human being has the right to life, peace, and freedom. For the Other is nothing but our fellow man. Thus, we would be able to understand that hurting others is hurting oneself. To work and to allow others’ joy and happiness is to contribute to oneself.
There is more happiness than to give than to receive (Acts 20:35). Everyone wants only happiness and well-being. And if we really love our neighbor or our equal, we will not try to hurt him or hurt his life, no matter how.

► Understanding, Harmony, and Social Cohesion

If equality and equity were practiced in this world, there would be no preconceived idea of superiority and inferiority. We confirm this view that if the notion of equality between men was accepted and understood by all: oneness, harmony, and social cohesion will be the sharing of humanity. Hence it says, ” Love does not hurt the neighbor … ” (Romans 13:10).
And turn to the books of 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7 to teach us about charity [love]: ” Love is patient, it is full of kindness, love. He is not envious; he does not try to make himself known, he does not sweat with pride. He does not do anything unseemly. He does not seek his own interest; he does not become bitter against others; he does not frame evil. Injustice saddens him; the truth rejoices him. On every occasion, he forgives, he trusts, he hopes, he perseveres. (Bible Version of the Sower). ”

How to Accept and Practice the Fact That We Are All the Same?

The Bible answers this question. Only humility cultivated and practiced by every man can lead humans to accept and practice equality between them in all forms and all fields. Yes, Humility makes us understand that no man is great, nor God. Humility inculcates the position of psychological life ” neither overvaluation nor depreciation.” The virtue of authentic Humility teaches the man and anchors in his being that another is his equal – that he can learn from others, vice versa.

Humility is recognizing the value, the usefulness of the other. It is the respect of others. It is also to understand others, decide to live with others, to think of the well-being of others. In a word, it is to accept that without others, we are nothing and that others are nothing.
It is for this reason that the Bible says: ” Have the same feelings both. Do not aspire to what is high, but let yourself be attracted by what is humble. Do not be wise in your own eyes. ” Romans 12:16.

Beyond All … We Are All the Same!

I affirm I sign, I insist, and I persist that all men are equal. There are no subhumans, as some people think or claim. Whether we accept it or not: it does not matter our different theories, philosophies, civilizations, cultures, ages, languages, religions, races, nationalities, professional activities, social and economic positions, sexes, ethnicities, conceptions, visions, material and immaterial possessions, homes (dwelling place), personalities. We are all the same.
In reality, no man is taller than the other. There is only one great: God. No one is smart than the other. Only God is intelligent. No human being is wise, good, and perfect than the other. Only the Creator of Heaven and Earth is. No man is superior (above) to another. We know only one sovereign and supreme: God, the Creator of all things. Nobody is stronger than the other. There is only God, the Lord who is. None of us is immortal and eternal except the Lord God. There is not a man better than a man. Never!
All the beliefs of inequality between men, besides being an illusion, are nothing but the plan of the devil to go against what God expects from men. Satan feeds inequality between men to better dominate man by relying on his fellow man. Inequality is accepted between men because there are men eager for power, luxury, wealth. These people abuse their neighbors.
Yet men, verily, YES verily, I say unto you, we are all the same.
Consider this fact. The hand fingers do not have the same sizes, but they complement each other; they respect each other. Each one to his role, his utility. List! Just as all those who eat on the table of kings are not necessarily kings. However, each of them has a value somewhere. This is also how we must understand the notion of equality between men.
Look at the upper limbs (arms); it is not because they are above the lower limbs (feet) that it means that the arms are the masters of the foot. Thus, must be understood the concept of equality between men.
Indeed, human beings are like human organisms. The human organism has several organs, each of which has its utility, role, function, and value. What would be the human body without the head? What would be the human body without the trunk (belly and back)? What would the human body be without the lower limbs? This is the meaning of the notion of equality between men. In fact, men are complementary.

We Are All from One Planet … All the Same

Do you imagine a world without the African continent and everything it overflows? Africa and its raw materials, Africa and its large consumer population, Africa, and its resources. […]!
Think of a world without Europe and all that it has? Europe and its values, Europe and its knowledge, Europe and its initiatives, Europe and its potentiality […]!
Have you thought, once, of a world without Asia, America, and Australia? Their technology, their politics, their strong population, their grain salt to the well-being of humanity. […]!
I know these words may shock extremists. I’m sorry for them. It is clear that in the light of conscience: each continent is nothing without the other continent. Man is nothing without a man. Therefore, every human being to its importance, value, usefulness, role, and reason for being in this world. Every human life is unique and worthy of consideration. Every man has the right to life, to respect, to well-being, to peace. All men are only one breath. All men were created in the image of God, whether Africans, Europeans, Americans, Asians, Australians …
” It is because the way exists that men meet, cross, unite, draw closer and stay in touch. ” It is high time that men accept, understand, and realize that they are all equal above all else. It is in this that lies the happiness of each one and that of the whole of humanity.
Let’s leave the theory of equality and move on to its application and practice. It starts first in our minds. Let’s change the mentality. Keep this thought constantly in your mind: ” Nothing will change around you if nothing changes you. ”
The real problem of man is his heart. Have a new heart. Change your feelings towards Others. See Other as your fellow. Man is better than anything. Do not put anything above your relationship with Others. Your neighbor has been created just like you so that you live in a society together, in perfect cohesion. Love your neighbor as yourselves. Cross the language, social, economic, racial, and other barriers: Reach out to the Other because we are all brothers and sisters in Adam and Eve who are our first descendants (our common ancestors). If men accepted themselves as they are, life and the world would be more than a paradise. Have you ever thought about this question: What would you be without the Others?

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