The Nature of Man and the Purpose of His Existence

In this article, it will be a question of re transcribing mainly the answers of the priest Saint Josémaria about the nature of man and the purpose of his existence. And then each answer will be followed by the commentary (the point of view) of Thomson Dablemond....

Why Did God Create a Man?

Joze's concern is: Why Did God Create a Man? Let's talk about the poorly designed universe. Don’t the theists say that God is perfect and the creator of the Universe? Well, then why did God create a man and universe in such poor fashion? We weren’t in a hurry to land...

Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion

Joze's Question About Jesus Christ's Crucifixion Why the God, who is so powerful has so many problems with his creation named man? Why the God, who is so powerful, has so many problems with his creation named man? I also don't understand all those dramas about Jesus...

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