An Important Steps of Sanctification

A life of sanctification cannot be done without obedience and humility. Obedience and humility are two essential steps of sanctification that go hand in hand. Indeed, these two terms are of great importance in the Christian life. If we understand obedience and...

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Four Axis of the Meaning of Work

Man and Work is a subject that continues to worry the world of thinkers. And above all these questions: What is the meaning of Work? What do we gain by working? To ask oneself what one earns by working is to presuppose that one earns something while one is working....

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The Status of Women in the Home

What is the status of the women in the home? Does the woman have the same status as the man in the home? We are all unanimous on the fact that man and woman were created in the image of God. We also know that the woman was the second human creature. But the problem of...

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Myths and Facts About Suicide Over the World

What is suicide? What are the myths and facts about suicide? What are the common modes of suicide? These are the questions that will animate our article. “Life is beautiful but sometimes rebellious.” More than a mystery, life is made up of ups and downs. Life is a...

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Mauro Biglino Treat the Bible in a Different Way

Mauro Biglino, born in Turin in 1950, is an Italian essayist and translator. He studied the history of religions, specializing in translations from Hebrew. Mauro Biglino, who has so far translated twenty-three books of the Old Testament, is the author of the books...

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Learn How to Excel at Work as an Employee

How to excel at work as an employee? True success is measured by keeping the job and simultaneously by excelling in the workplace. It should always be the goal of every employee. While it is hard enough to excel in the workplace of highly competitive people, an...

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The Most Inspiring Tree Symbolism in the Bible

Creation is full of the beauty of many trees. Some are also mentioned in the Bible. Discover tree symbolism in the bible and find out the most inspiring ones. The tree is a shelter and a shield, a symbol of fertility. Deeply rooted in the earth, it stretches towards...

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Properties and Benefits of Natural Coconut Oil

Natural Coconut oil is exceptionally beneficial for pregnant women, nursing mothers, the elderly, athletes, and those who only want to improve their health. I – Origin of the Coconut The coconut, from the coconut tree, is a very interesting fruit for its taste aspects...

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Facts About Drug Abuse

Are you aware of facts about drug abuse and what drugs are? Drugs are substances, other than food, that is absorbed to change the way the body or mind works. It is a chemical, biochemical, or natural compound capable of altering one or more neuronal activities and/or...

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On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco

The purpose of this article is to expose the harmful effects of tobacco and the dangers of tobacco on the human body. Other tobacco products, such as cigars and cigarillos, or the use of a water pipe, snuff, and chewing tobacco, contain nicotine, an addictive drug....

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The Functions of Sleep – What Is Sleep For?

God endowed man with a beautiful organism that obeyed functions when creating him. Functions of sleep are among the more important gifts of creation. Every man needs sleep. No human being can do without sleep, even if some sleep little and others sleep enough! One...

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