Christian Views on Women

Christian views on women depend on the biblical passage we choose. The women’s feminist movement began to interpret the Bible in its own way. It emphasizes masculine dominance in the New and Old Testaments, and at the same time draws attention to the important female...

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The Sermon on the Mount Summary

We have provided you this sermon on the mount summary, hoping to introduce you to the profound words of Jesus that he entrusted to his followers. The Sermon on the Mount Summary-Matthew 5 Bless You When Jesus saw that his work attracted the great multitudes, he went...

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The Illness Is a Test of a Relationship

Severe illness is a test of a relationship. It is easy to love when everything is fine, when we are healthy and when we are annoyed by banal and unimportant matters in a relationship. For example, her eternal delay and his socks scattered around the apartment. Severe...

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There Are Many Theories About the Origin of Life

There are many theories about the origin of life. But what is the right one? Will we ever find out? You have to know that even the smallest form of life is more complex than anything man has created. Some Facts About the Origin of Life The protein contains 50 to...

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The Idolatry of Images

The question of the idolatry of images and saints is indeed an old question, and from time to time, a dilemma has arisen especially strongly as to whether it is idolatry, that is, the worship of things in a way that goes only to God, the only Creator of all. In the...

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The Importance of Gratitude in Life

Too often, we are unaware of the importance of gratitude in life. Gratitude brings countless moments of happiness into our lives, we can all develop it, but it is far from a simple matter, as some think. For the most part, we don’t really know gratitude. We generally...

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What Does Oneness Mean?

What does Oneness mean if we know that the duality or double universe is our fateful life playground on which we play our life games from year to year, from one life to another? Duality foundation is polarity, as opposed to the placement of force within us and in the...

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Meaning of the Wedding Rings

The meaning of the wedding rings is not only a beautiful and usually expensive ornament on a woman’s or man’s hand, but it is much more. The ring is a symbol of love, unity, and fidelity. The Symbolic Meaning of the Wedding Rings It is the most important symbol of...

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Christian Wedding Customs

Most of us think we know everything about Christian wedding customs. Still, many would be surprised at how little we actually know about the history of some events and why a particular event is performed so traditionally. Marriage is a solemn act held in the Church,...

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When Is Divorce Inevitable?

In this article, we will answer the question when is divorce inevitable? How divorce was understood in the past and how we understand it today. Our grandparents, who grew up during World War I or World War II, did not yet know divorce. They knew very well the poverty,...

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A Call to Builders and Leaders of the World

The world needs builders to rebuild the global economy, as well as leaders of the world, to care for the. It is in difficult times that we find people who really think about our well-being. A Call to Builders A builder is above all a great visionary. He’s someone...

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The World of Employment and COVID-19 Pandemic

This Covid-19 pandemic crisis has not spared the professional world in public as well as in the private sector. The world of work is turned upside down because the employment and COVID-19 are in a deep and uncertain connection. Big changes are coming. Situation...

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How to Get Closer to God Spiritually?

Jesus says that one must be very demanding of oneself, much more than of other people. The mere fulfillment of the commandment is just a search for loopholes in the law, holes in which we may soon find ourselves. It is always necessary to take a step more, not a...

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The Great Messages of the COVID-19

The whole world is talking about it! Never before has the world felt threatened and attacked by such a tough epidemic like the Covid-19. The Covid-19 pandemic is a pandemic of an emerging infectious disease, SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus disease. It appeared on November 17,...

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Self-Isolation Behavior When You Have to Go Out

Now is the time of self-isolation. But sometimes you have to go out. Here are some recommendations for self-isolation behavior when you have to go out. Many countries are already closed nationwide, with only emergency services in work. Some have recommended...

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