Positive Thinking and Positive Psychology

We should not confuse positive thinking with positive psychology. So, therefore, let me explain the differences between positive thinking and positive psychology. According to Wikipedia, Positive thinking refers to a pseudo-scientific movement created in 1952 by...

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What Is the Subconscious Mind?

What is the subconscious mind? Where is the subconscious in the brain? What is the difference between consciousness, subconscious and subconscious? What is the subconscious for? How does the subconscious work? In his quest to know himself, man will go from discovery...

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The White Matter of the Brain

The white matter of the brain is the dominant substance between the two types of matter that make up the brain. In this article, we present serious discoveries and researches on the white matter with the help of several studies and research on the subject. I – The...

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How to Purify Tap Water at Home?

Have you ever wondered how to purify tap water at home? Are you aware of what kind of water you drink at home and how it can affect your health and body and the health of your family? It is proven that drinking water in different parts of the world is of varying...

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What Is Mild Cognitive Impairment?

Mild Cognitive Impairment is an intermediate step between an expected cognitive impairment due to normal aging and the most serious deterioration of dementia. Cognitive impairment is an alteration of intellectual functioning, also known as cognitive functioning....

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Life Expectancy and Longevity

The world is aging and the number of older people be growing worldwide. So we will dedicate this article to life expectancy and longevity of human beings. In a developed country, a person who reaches the age of 70 has only a 2% chance of dying in the next 12 months...

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The Brain and Decision-Making

The brain and decision-making: What part of the brain makes the decisions? This question needs to be addressed with more interest. Long ignored or left unanswered, today's new scientific discoveries allow us to know more about the part of the brain that makes...

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Lack of Sleep Side Effects

There's a lot of different lack of sleep side effects that can be damaging to long-term health. Sleep is not only essential for regenerating the physical body, but it is also necessary to reach new mental perceptions and to find creative new solutions to old problems....

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The Neural Network of the Brain

Much progress has been made in understanding the neural network of the brain, something that does not happen by chance, but causally because they generate the nerve circuits that support brain function. It is true that this whole process is genetically programmed, but...

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Ways to Improve Brain Function

Did you know? If we daily do not try to find new ways to improve brain function through the creations of new neural connections through learning and curiosity, our brain is decaying. Our brain believes what we say to it, if we say we are too old, our brain will...

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The Importance of Water for Life

This article presents the fundamental insight into the importance of water for life. This educational article deals with some fundamental questions regarding water, such are the water content of our body and the amount of water on our planet. We also touch on the...

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The Wedding Feast at Cana Story

The wedding feast at Cana story has a lot of angles of view we can focus on. But I've chosen in this article to focus on the point of view of an ordinary Catholic explanation. More About The Wedding Feast at Cana Story God can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary....

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How to Define a Miracle?

How to define a miracle for Christians? Like we all know, Jesus revealed his first miracle at the wedding in Cana. For Christians, there’s likely no more visible sign of the power of God in our world than miracles. Throughout both Testaments of Scripture, God uses...

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What Does the Bible Say About Alcoholism?

Is alcohol consistent with Christianity? What does the Bible say about alcoholism? We will try to answer those questions in this article. In any case, the Bible warns against health problems because of excessive alcohol use. What Does the Bible Say About Alcoholism?...

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Why Did Jesus Change Water into Wine?

Of course, it is not my intention to interfere with God's work, even though I wonder why did Jesus change water into wine. In this way, He somehow nullified the importance of water for life. Anyway, I expect that Jesus knew what He was doing. After all, he was the son...

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The Philosophy of Ancient Greece

For many, the philosophy of ancient Greece philosophy is the philosophy of par excellence. It is among the Greeks in fact that philosophy was constituted in the state of the autonomous discipline, distinct from both religion and the positive sciences. It is with them...

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The Process of Nerve Impulse Transmission

The brain needs different nutrients to promote the process of nerve impulse transmission, improve oxygenation or enhance vascular circulation in different areas of the brain. Just like activities promoting neural connectivity. I – Foods That Promote the Process of...

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How Much Water Are You Supposed to Drink in a Day?

The question “How much water are you supposed to drink in a day” is simple, but the answer is a little more complicated. It depends on factors such as your health, how active you are, and where you live. Although there is no one formula for calculating the ideal...

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